Estate Maps of Kirkcudbrightshire, 1730s-1950s

The most detailed maps of rural areas before Ordnance Survey mapping, illustrating all aspects of estate management. See also county maps, for less detailed maps of rural areas.

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GREMLIN Map Viewers. Explore maps and land use over the last 200 years for the Earlstoun and Holm Estates in the parishes of Balmaclellan, Dalry, and Kells.

Anwoth parish

Balmaclellan parish

Balmaghie parish

Borgue parish

Buittle parish

Carsphairn parish

Colvend and Southwick parish

Crossmichael parish

Dalry parish

Girthon parish

Kells parish

Kelton parish

Kirkbean parish

Kirkcudbright parish

Kirkgunzeon parish

Kirkmabreck parish

Kirkpatrick-Durham parish

Lochrutton parish

Minnigaff parish

New Abbey parish

Parton parish

Rerwick parish

Terregles parish

Tongland parish

Troqueer parish

Twynholm parish

Urr parish