About our map images

In our 'Map images' resource you can access and view all the maps we have scanned as high-resolution, colour, zoomable images. The maps date between the 1560s and 1970s and relate primarily to Scotland. We also have maps of areas beyond Scotland, including maps of England and Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, and Jamaica.

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Map Finder

Map Finder - with Marker Pin graphic

The easiest way of finding material relating to any particular location is to use the Map Finder - with Marker Pin viewer. Search using a map, or by place name, or by county and parish name. On our related Map Finder - with Outlines viewer, the outlines or extents of all the map images are shown as clear coloured overlays that you can select and view.

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Browse by category

The easiest way of finding general groups of maps is to browse by category. The maps vary in the amount of detail they show:

You can also browse the maps by the names of map-makers, surveyors and engravers.

Sets of county maps

County maps of Scotland graphic

We have several atlases online with sets of county maps:

Military maps

Another category is of maps made for military purposes, especially those from the 18th century. These include the famous Roy Military Survey of Scotland (1747-1755), and Roy Military Antiquities of Scotland (1793). From the 19th century onwards, maps were often published as a set or series, especially by Ordnance Survey.

Ordnance Survey maps

decorative graphic illustrating this particular set of maps

We have a comprehensive set of all the detailed Ordnance Survey maps covering Scotland available. This includes mapping at the following main scales:

We also have growing coverage of Ordnance Survey maps of England and Wales, including:

Ordnance Survey mapping published in the last 50 years is in copyright and cannot be scanned and made available online. You can view which detailed Ordnance Survey maps were published from 1841-1991 through our Ordnance Survey map records viewer.

Seamless and geo-referenced maps

Georeferenced Maps viewer graphic

We are geo-referencing a growing proportion of more recent maps. Geo-referencing aligns an historic map image with its real world location information. This lets us present a map series as a seamless layer, and compare the historic maps to other dates of mapping, including modern satellite imagery and maps. Explore our geo-referenced maps.

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More about early maps

We have further information about early maps in our early maps list. Together these information pages also form a brief, descriptive history of mapmaking. Read our Research guides - using maps to explore particular subjects, such as climate change, houses, local history, or woodland.


We have several project websites with dedicated historical map resources:

Images and printouts

You can order images, photocopies and printouts of all of these maps. When viewing any map as a zoomable image, select the shopping trolley graphicOrder this map button. For further details, including contact information, use the enquires and copies link on all map image pages. The page also has a list of frequently asked questions about our online maps.