Town Plans / Views, 1580s-1940s

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Detailed maps and views of cities, towns and settlements, with a focus on Scotland. The earliest surviving Scottish town plans or bird's-eye views - of Edinburgh and St Andrews - date from the 16th century. There was a further wave of military mapping of some Scottish towns between 1715 and 1745 (viewable on our Military Maps of Scotland pages). However, many Scottish towns were not first mapped until the late 18th or early 19th centuries. By far the most significant surveyor of Scottish towns was John Wood, who published 50 plans of Scottish towns between 1818 and 1826. 75 towns were mapped for the Great Reform Act (1832), whilst 7 towns were mapped by Charles Goad for Fire Insurance purposes from the 1880s. We also include Stevenson plans of harbours and related infrastructure works in towns and settlements.

See also military maps for some towns in the 18th century, Admiralty charts for harbour towns, and Ordnance Survey maps for towns after 1840.

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