Ordnance Survey Town Plans of England and Wales, 1840s-1890s

Crewe, 1:500, Surveyed: 1873-74

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SheetDate of SurveyDate of Publication
Cheshire LVI.3.2218741875
Cheshire LVI.3.2318741875
Cheshire LVI.3.2418731875
Cheshire LVI.3.2518731875
Cheshire LVI.7.218741875
Cheshire LVI.7.318741875
Cheshire LVI.7.418731875
Cheshire LVI.7.51874ca. 1875
Cheshire LVI.7.818741875
Cheshire LVI.7.918741875
Cheshire LVI.7.1018731875
Cheshire LVI.7.1318731875
Cheshire LVI.7.1418731875
Cheshire LVI.7.1518731875
Cheshire LVI.7.2018731875
Cheshire LVI.7.2518731875
Cheshire LVI.8.118731875
Cheshire LVI.8.618731875
Cheshire LVI.8.1118741875
Cheshire LVI.8.1618731875
Cheshire LVI.8.2118731875