Ordnance Survey Town Plans of England and Wales, 1840s-1890s

Ashford, 1:500, Surveyed: 1870-71

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SheetDate of SurveyDate of Publication
Kent LXV.5.1318711872
Kent LXV.5.1418711872
Kent LXV.5.1818711873
Kent LXV.5.1918711872
Kent LXV.5.201871ca. 1872
Kent LXV.5.2318711873
Kent LXV.9.31871ca. 1872
Kent LXV.9.418711873
Kent LXV.9.818711872
Kent LXV.9.91870-711872
Kent LXV.9.1018711872
Kent LXV.9.131870-711872
Kent LXV.9.141870-711872
Kent LXV.9.1518711873
Kent LXV.10.111870-711872