A Collection of Surveys of Scottish Estates of the Earl of Selkirk, ca. 1808-1815

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This collection of 45 estate maps comprises finished master copies, working copies with land area schedules, and draft sketch copies covering twenty-six farms and properties on the St Marys Isle Estate, south of Kirkcudbright. This was the principal estate of the Earls of Selkirk in the 18th and 19th centuries. The majority of the plans can be attributed to John McKinlay.

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Courtesy of the Yale Centre for British Art through the Dumfries Archival Mapping Project.

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  1. Nuntons
  2. Mayfield
  3. Netherthird
  4. Torrs
  5. Culdooch
  6. Bishopton
  7. Balmae
  8. Milton
  9. Torrs
  10. Bishopton
  11. Palmangan
  12. Mayfield
  13. Senwick
  14. Nuntons
  15. Netherthird
  16. Balmangan
  17. Culdoch
  18. The Farm
  19. Milton
  20. Bishopton
  21. Black - Stockarton
  22. Kirkeoch and Nunmill
  23. Drumore Farm
  24. Little Kirkland
  25. Townhead and Drummore
  26. Culraven and Broadfield
  27. Little Sypeland
  28. Farm of Highbanks
  29. Little Sypeland
  30. Little Stockartown and Jurdiland
  31. Whinny Liggate; Balgredan
  32. Balgreddan and Whinny Liggate
  33. Kirkeoch; Nun Mill
  34. Brouckleugh; Mieckle Sypeland
  35. Old Mill of Twynhame
  36. Meikle Sypeland; Brockcleugh
  37. Whinny Liggate; Balgreddan
  38. Plan of Drumore and How-well Meadows
  39. Back, Gata and North, Milton
  40. North Nunton; South Nunton
  41. Bombie Mill, Bombie, Tongue of Bombie
  42. Plan of the Back Gatas Lying in the Parish of Kirkcudbright
  43. Howwel; Burnside; Silverhill; Gregory and Low Milton
  44. Kirkland, Drumcroy, Auchenfloor, Cannee, Barhill and Silvercroigs
  45. The Farm Consisting of Kirland Drumcroy, Auchenfloor, Cannee, Barhill and Silvercraigs (formerly Nuntons)