Transport and engineering plans of Scotland, 18th-20th centuries

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A selection of specialised early maps, plans and profiles relating to relating to Bridges, Canals, Railways and Rivers. The earliest detailed maps of roads in Scotland were made for military purposes (see Roads on Military Maps of Scotland website), and then from the later 18th century through the Commissioners of Supply, shown well on county maps and road maps of Scotland. Canals developed from the mid-18th century and railways from the later 18th century. In the 19th century, various river and water engineering projects were undertaken across Scotland.

For all these infrastructure developments, some early estate maps in rural areas, or town plans in urban areas are also useful. At less detailed scales, county maps and maps of Scotland show transportation routes from the 18th century onwards. Ordnance Survey maps as well as Admiralty Charts are excellent for showing transportation infrastructure from the 1840s onwards.

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