December 2021

Using Georeferenced Layers in OpenStreetMap

This guide explains how to add georeferenced maps to OpenStreetMap as XYZ tilesets.

View a Brief georeferenced layers list or How to find all georeferenced layer URLs (in our Georeferenced Maps viewer).

Adding XYZ Tilesets in OpenStreetMap

  1. Go to OpenStreetMap
  2. To add custom layers you have to be logged into OpenStreetMap. Select login or sign-up. It is free to create an account.
  3. Zoom to the city, place or town you are interested in and click Edit.

    (Hint: For the Edit feature to work you must zoom to a city or town, once your map is added you can zoom out to view it's full extent).
    OpenStreetMap interface highlighting edit feature
  4. From the right-hand menu select the Layers icon and under Background choose Custom.
    OpenStreetMap interface highlighting layer feature
  5. A new dialog box entitled custom background settings should appear. Enter your map's XYZ URL in the box which states "Enter a URL template" and press OK. To find URLs view our Brief georeferenced layers list or read How to find all georeferenced layer URLs (in our Georeferenced Maps viewer).
    OpenStreetMap interface showing custom background dialog box
  6. Your georeferenced map should now be added to your project.
    OpenStreetMap interface showing georeferenced map added

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