Alexander Innes - Jamaica Journal (1823-24)

ANZMapS - map viewers for putting Historical Maps Online

A set of viewers which can be used for putting Historical Maps Online.

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Frederick Douglass in Edinburgh and Scotland - map viewers


Family Portrait: the Scots-Italians 1890-1940

A map showing where Italians lived or worked in Scotland during the 1930s.

Family Portrait: the Scots-Italians 1890-1940 graphic

GB1900 place name project

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The GB1900 Project created a detailed list of the 2.5 million place names on Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile maps of Britain (1888-1913). The project ran between September 2016 and December 2017, successfully collecting 2.5 million names by volunteers.

The GB1900 dataset can be searched in our Georeferenced Maps viewer using the Search OS six-inch 1888-1913 names: box - read our Recent Additions for further details. The GB1900 dot distribution maps allow the initial results of the GB1900 transcriptions to be viewed. You can zoom in on any place name, click on it, and read the name. There are also demonstration distributions of features and names - for example, for quarries and collieries, 'Footpath' names, and Public Buildings. The dataset is freely available from the Vision of Britain data download page.


Historic Maps API layers

A set of detailed historic map layers for use in other websites

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These seamless historic mapping API layers provide:


Irrigation Tanks in Southern India

The Irrigation Tanks in Southern India viewer is part of a PhD project studying water histories and digital mapping in the Kaveri river delta

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Lesmahagow Place Names Database

A map-based interface to a detailed gazetteer of place names in the old parish of Lesmagahow

Lesmahagow Place Names Database

MapReader - Railspace and Buildings Datasets Viewer

A viewer for the MapReader railway infrastructure and buildings point datasets

MapReader buildings and railways point datasets