September 2022

Re-using map datasets

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Our map collections are a rich resource of information, and we are keen to promote its extraction and onward use. Once extracted, this data can be used within digital scholarship, opening up new possibilities for research, learning and creativity. We are also keen to allow the wider re-use of these spatial data resources, so they can be queried and combined with other datasets.

Please see our guide on Opening Map Datasets in QGIS for advice on how to use these layers within the free QGIS desktop software.

The GeoJSON datasets can also be opened and viewed in

Map datasets list

Browse map datasets, ordered below by area:

Name (with download links)AreaDateFormatData Foundry information
GB1900 Gazetteer Great Britain1888-1913.CSVGB1900 Gazetteer
MapReader - buildings and railspace datasetsGreat Britain1888-1913.PNG,.CSVLiving with Machines: railspace and building datasets
Alexander Innes' JournalJamaica1823-1824.GeoJSON, .CSV
Roy Military Survey GazetteerScotland1747-55.GeoJSON, .CSVRoy Gazetteer
Historic Mills GazetteerScotlandca. 1850s-1900s.GeoJSON, .CSV
Stevenson Maps and PlansScotland1660-1940.GeoJSON, .CSVStevenson Maps and Plans
FootpathsScotland1888-1913 .GeoJSON, .CSVHistoric Footpaths
Edinburgh BoundariesEdinburgh1685-1902ESRI .shp, .kmlEdinburgh Boundaries
Edinburgh GazetteerEdinburgh1892-1894.GeoJSON, .CSVEdinburgh OS 25 inch transcriptions

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