We have made available the metadata within this website for onward re-use and download. The metadata is available in two forms:

Read further information on this metadata and on geocoding and tracing polygons to create this data.

Metadata fields

The metadata fields in the files above are described further under Metadata in the Project workflow. The original metadata came from the two inventories for the collection. Standardised controlled vocabulary fields (shown in italics below) were added to this to aid search and retrieval.

FieldDescription Example
Survey_ID Unique Stevenson ID, 1-21471
NAME Name of creator - engineer, designer, draughtsmanStevenson, David, 1815-1886
SHELFMARK Unique map/plan number reference in the LibraryMS.5844, No.1
COUNTY Pre-1970s county name the plan was withinArgyll
PLACE Nearest town/city the plan was withinEdinburgh
SUBJECT Primary subject - Bridge, Building/Monument, Canal, Harbour, Lighthouse, Machinery, Reference Material, Railway, River, Road, Water SupplyBridge
DESCRIPTION Brief description of item content (usually taken from original inventory)Dalkeith. Proposed Bridge; details of masonry
DATE_NO Standardised four-digit date1875
DATE_MINIMUM Minimum date1660
DATE_MAXIMUM Maximum date1940
INVENTORY Brief descrition of physical media of objectSeries of three drawings
OBJECT Flat or foldedFlat
SIZE Physical size of original item683 mm x 1020 mm
PHYSICAL Physical medium of original item (eg. Paper, linen, oil cloth)Paper
MEDIA Drawing media or substanceHand coloured; Ink
COLOUR Whether coloured or uncolouredColour
Map_Link 0 or 1. If 1, then a bounding box exists, with link to map bounding box, taking the form - https://maps.nls.uk/projects/stevenson/#id=[Survey_ID]https://maps.nls.uk/projects/stevenson/#id=1
IMAGENational Library of Scotland image ID - add prefix 'https://maps.nls.uk/view/' to view zoomable image, ie. https://maps.nls.uk/view/[IMAGE]https://maps.nls.uk/view/218517257


This metadata collection is free of known copyright restrictions.

We believe that all the Stevenson images that have been scanned are out-of-copyright. For further details visit the Map Images website’s copyright page.