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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

14 January 1646 Lennox Sterlinshyr Clydsdail Cuningham, [In Galloway and ther about]

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Pagination: 152v-153r

Transcription of text:

[no heading]
Dumfreis Sanchair 20 m. Sanchair and Cumnok in Kyl 8 myl
Dumfreis drumlanrik 12
Dumfreis Glencarn betuix 10 and 12
Port Patrik Dumfreis 58 Port Patrik Glenlince [?] 10 Glenluce Vigtoun 12 Wigtoun ferrytoun 3 ferrytoun fliet 6m. Fliet Dumfreis 24
Toun of Lairgs and cumbra moir a myl of sea
Largs Irwing 12 myl
Dumfries Aldgirth 8 myl
Dumfreis Sanchair 20
Aldgirth Closburn 3
Sanchair and Cumnok in Kyl 8
brigde [sic] of Dumfries and brige of Cluden 2 myl
Bridge of Cluden and Dunskur brig 2 myl

14 January 1646 Lennox Sterlinshyr Clydsdail Cuningham
Above Sterlin upon Forth on the southsyd is Leckie 4 myl and fra the river 1/2myl
Touch is on the southsyd also 2 myl fra Sterlin and 2 myl fra the river
nixt to Leckie is Cargunnok 2 myl up on that same syd
nixt therto on that same syd is Buquhann 2 myl up
yit on that same syd is Ardmanwell above Buquhann 3 myl and fra the river 1/2 myl
Arnpryour is nixt on that same syd fra Ardmanwel 3/4 of a myle and fra the river 1 myl
a quarter myl above it Arn-Gibbon fra the river 2m. 1/4 on that same syd
3 myl therfra furdir up is Cardros on the north syd of the river closs upon it
2 myl and 1/2 above it is Bomore upon the river on the north syd
followeth Cardann on the south syd fra Arn Gibbon a myl and a half and fra Bomore upon 3 myl
Fintray upon the head of Ainrik is 7 myl fra Cardann and fra Sterlin - - - - fra Kilsyth 8
Kirk of Kippen is on the southsyd of Forth 2 myl fra Buquhann and fra the river 3/4 of a myl
Kirk of Drimmin upon the northsyd of Ainrik fra Cardan 6m. fra Kippen Kirk 8 myl
Drummikil is north fra it 1/2m. and fra Buquhannan Cast. sum 2m.
Bochron Kirk on the north syd of Ainrik 7m. fra Buquhanan and above Drimmin Kirk 6m.
Kilmaronok Kirk on Ainrik hard by castel beneth it on that sam syd
Buquhannan Kirk hard by the place therof ovir aganis the former kirk
Buquhannan Cast. fra Sterlin 17m.
Buquhannan fra Glasco 12 myl and Mugdok midway
Drumwhassil upon Ainrik the north syd fra Drummikill 3m. beneth Bochron Kirk 2m. 1/2
Cragybairn on a burn that falleth in the north syd of Ainrik, it is fra Buquhannan 3m. 1/2 and fra Bochron Kirk 5m.

[In Galloway and ther about]
Dumfreis Sanchair 20 m.
Sanchair and Cumnok in Kyle 8 m.
Dumfreis Drumlangrig 12.
Dumfreis Glentoun upon 11
Port Patrik Dumfreis 58. viz. Port Patrick Glenluce 10 Wigtoun 12 Ferrytoun 3. Fleet 6 Dumfreis 24
Dumfreis Algirth 8
Algirth Closburn 3
Brig of Dumfreis and brig of Cluden 2.
Brig of Cluden and Brig of Dunskurr 2
fra the head of Cree to the Blackcraig at the mouth therof 21m.
fra the fute of Loch Dun and the head of Cree 6m.
Toun of Lairgs and the neerest part of Cumbra moir yle ar of sea a just myle.
Lairgs Irwing 12 myl
Glascow Renfrow 4 myl
Renfrow Paisla 2 myl
Glasco Erskin 10 m. but it is ?les
Glasco Irwing 18
Irwing Ayre 8
Irwing Monyboll 6 m. Monyboll 2 fra the sea
beneth it on the sea is Achindrene.
Moniboll Ballintrae which is cloass on the sea 16
Chapell at the head of Loch Rian in Galloway and Ballintrae 12 with a bow of the loch
Kilmarnok in Cuningham fra Irwing 3 fra Ayr 9
Kilmawrs northward fra Kilmarnok 1 m 1/2m.
Kilwinning 2 m fra Irwing northward a myl and less fra the sea.
Lairgs on the sea north fra Kilwinning 10 m.
Newmils a toun in Kyle upon the river of Aire 7 m. fra Kilmarnok and 7 fra the sea.
Machlin in Kyle just be south the newmills on the river Doun, 7 m. fra newmils 7 m fra Kilmarnok
Eglintoun in Cuningham, fra Kilwinning 2 m. fra Irwing 4 fra the sea 1/2 m.
Cassils fra Monibol 2 myl east, 3 myl large fra the sea.
Bargeny on Girven river 3m 1/2 fra the sea, 5 m fra Moniboll the way to the Chappell

Drochrig 1/2 m. beneth Bargenie on Girven water
Monkwood 2 m. fra Monibol on the north therof and fra Cassils less than a m.
Ardmillan on the sea 3 m. fra Bargeny, 8m. fra Monieboll and fra Ballintrae 8
Port Patrik Chappell 4 Ballintrae 12 Monibol 16 Ayr 6 Irwing 8 Glasco 18 sum 64, but it is scars 60 fra Glasco to port Patrik.
Glasco Kilmarno 14 therfra to Irwing 4
Ranthrow Toun and Claichstane 16
Semple Cast. Ranthrow 12
Irwing Lairgs 16
3 standings stains Glenapp 6
Carrik 26m. long 20m. Broad

Stinchar is the first water, Balintrae at the mouth therof north syd that river 20m. long Knockdolean 4m. up on the north syd Cragneil 2 myl up on the W syd Kirkhil 6m. on the north syd Daljocak 4m. Pinwherry 1m. Coaskleyre 3m. Kirkland 3m. Kirkdammie a kirk 1m. Ald Knalbanoch 2m. Docharn 3m.

the 3 stains Balintrae 8m.     Continued