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Sumwhat of Glen-Gyle, Glen-Maen, Glenfinglas

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Sumwhat of Glen-Gyle
As you go down the south month therof the uppermost seat to the nordward is Achaduncriack, marching with Binglash. Item ther is Portinillen fornent yland Mernoch 2 myl from the former. Glen-cash is 2 myl long, it hath on the north syd Bhellach-Shan-larig. The uppermost is called Schelach-chrombe. Item the ridge of the month betuix thir and Glen-Maen is called Stronavizairg.

The uppermost is cald Craig-menessich, a myl thence Tassechuckary, 2 myl thence Cory na chrich, al thir on the north of Glen-Maen.

Upon the southsyd therof is Cory-Clach, 2 myl thence Craig na Maddy, a myl thence Aesh-na-clachdien.

The uppermost is Laggavan vinnich, a myle thence Tom-na-ban-rie, a myl thence Luirgin-raid, 2 myl thence upon the ridge of the month betuix Glen-Maen and Glen-finglas is Boil-naif.

Upon the south syd of Glenfinglas is Kean-naske, 2 myl beneth it is Dalcharry, a myl thence Dalnaif.