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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

Sent out the south to me in Febr. 1646, [Distances in Cuningham Kyl Carrict Ranfrow]

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Pagination: 153v-154r

Transcription of text:

Sent out the south to me in Febr. 1646
Annand Toun and Hermitage Castle in Liddisdail 24 m.
Annand and Haik in Teviot dail 28 m.
Annand and Jedburg 36
Anand and Peebils 36
Dumfreis and Lanrick 32
Dumfreis and Glasco 56
Glasco and Air 24 m
Lainrick and Peebils 16
Hamiltoun and Peebils 24
Glasco and Dowglas Castel 20
Glasco and Sempil Castel 10
Glasco and Paislay 6
Glasco and Irwing 18
Glasco and Falkirk 18
Irwing and Air 7
Peeblis and Biggar 10
Dumbartan and Rosneth 8
Dumfreis Peebils 36
Berwik Kelso 20
Haick Jedburg 8
Jedburg Selkirk 8
Jedburg Kelso 7
Dowglas C. Lainrick 4
Douglas and Dumfreis 26
viz Crawfurd Jhon 4 Interkin-head 6 Dumfreis 16
Dowuglas Kircowbrie 40.
viz St Jhons Clachan 22 Kircowbrie18
Annand town Esk mouth 4
therfra to Carlile 6 large
Annand Muffet 16

[Distances in Cuningham Kyl Carrict Ranfrow]
Glasco Ranfrow 4m. viz 2 myl to Given and 2 to Ranfrow
Renfrow Paisla 2 myl
Glasco Erskin Cast. 10 myl
Glasco Irwing 18
Irwing Ayre 8 myl
Ayre Moniboll 6 2 myl fra the sea
Ballintrae Miniboll 16 cloas on the sea
The chapel Ballintrae 12 myl straicht except the head of loch Ryen
Kilmarnok in Cuningham fra Irwing 3 fra Ayr 9m.
Kilmaris northward fra Kilmarnok 1m. 1/2
Kilwinning 2m. fra Irwing northward a myl and les fra the sea
Lairgs on the sea north fra Kilwinning 10 myl
Newmils a toun in Kyl 7 myl fra Kilmarnok, 7 myl fra the sea large it stands on the river Ayr
Mauchlin in Kyl just be south the newmils on the water Dun fra newmils 7 myl and 7 fra Kilmarnok
Eglintoun in Cuningham 2 myl fra Kilwyning, it is fra the sea 1/2 myl fra Irwing 4 myl
Cassils fra Monyboll 2 myl, 3 myl large fra the sea just east fra Monieboll
Ardmillan in Carrick 3 myl fra the sea hard by Cassils on the nord west syd therof fra Moniboll 2 myl [entry crossed out ]
Bargenie on Girven water 3 myl 1/2 fra the sea 5 fra Monyboll the way to the chapel
Drochrig 1/2 myl beneth Bargenie on the Stinchar water
Monkwood 2 myl fra Monibol on the north and fra Cassills les than a myl
Ardmillen on the sea 3 myl fra Bargenie 8 myl fra Monibol fra Ballintrae 8 myl
Port Patrik Chappel 4 then to Ballintrae 12 then to Moniboll 16, to Ayr 6, to Irwing 8, to Glasco 18, but all thir way is round only 60
Buchannan Glasco is 13 short myles Mugdok mid way
Glasco Paisla 6m. Kilbarchan 4 Irwing 12m. thir way is far about
Glasco Kilmarno 14 fra ther Irwing 4, that is the neerest way