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Loch Lomond and the yles therin

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Pagination: 149v-150r

Transcription of text:

Loch Lomond and the yles therin
Names of all the yles are as followeth
1 Vealich
2/3 Two smal namles
4 Abbyr
5 Kernaig
6 Larinch
7 Inch-chaille
8 Turrinche
9 Laek-ow
10 Cre-inche
11 Karig-ow
12 Inche-Mourin
13 Inche Fadd
14 Darrach
15 Kowan
16 Inche-Crowny
17 Rosh
18 Karig-ow
19 Kerdaig
20 Bock
21 Inche Moin
22 Chastel
23 Gowloch
24 Inche-Davannan
25 Nowangh
26 Inche Connagan
27 A nameles yle
28 Yland beg
29 Inche-Lonaig
30 Freuch yland
31 Kammez Raddach
32. Creig-na-Skarrow
33. Ylen Rosh
34 Darragan
35 Notyr-gannich
36 Terbert
37 Row-glash
38 Ylen-ow
39 Ylen Eaunlich
40 Ylen na chash

Yland Vealich a bowshot of lenth neerest to the river Levin.
Tua smal ylands neerest porten ylen. Item ylen Abbyr. ylen Kerdaig a small one. yland Cuirnich or Kernaig, full of wood it had in it a good dwelling now burned.
Inche-chaille, or wood inche, a myl long, it hath good corneland wood and a kirk upon it.
Neerest upon the southeast end therof is Turrinche a quarter myl long, then is Laek-ow a smal one.
Kre-inche a bowshot long with wood in it. Karig-ow a smal one. thes do ly betuix Inche-kaillye and Inche-Mourin.

Inche Mourin twa myl of lenth, with a hous of twa house hight, wher wnto one of Duk Murdoes sons fled, when his brethren were execuit be King James the first. it is old building, and is cald Chastel Inche-mourin. in thir yle ar many fallow deer, whair the kings used hunting sumtyme, it hath also plenty of wood.

Thrie myl thence northward is Inche-fadd, with wood, and good cornelands, low grownd and pleasant.

Hard by upon the southeast therof is Darrach (or yle of oak) a flight shot of lenth. a quarter myl therfra is ylen Kowan and quarter be west Kowan is Inche-crowny, with dwellings cornelands and wood. nixt is Rosh a pair of butts long upon the shoar of Errachar-moir.

Hard by is Carig-ow, and hard upon the west syd of Inche-crowny is Kerdaig of half a pair of butts with wood in it.
Cloas be west it is ylen na Bock, or goat yland, half a myl long with wood
Item hard upon the nordwest syd of Inche-Merin is Inch-Moin a myl long with wood and berryes in it.
Thrie flight shot west Inch-moin is ylen na Chastel, al ovircovered with wood bind. it hath ane old castel.
Thrie flight shott west hard upon Inche-Davannan is Gowloch, a very smal one with sum trees.

Nixt upon the west is Inche-Davannan, a myle and a half long, and of the same breadth with wood and excellent fair broome and beries of dyvers sorts and many adders upon it. The hiest top of ground in it is cald Tom-na-clag. it hath the fairest buildings of all thir ylands with orchards and fruitfull trees hedged about, upon the west south west syd of it, pertyning to the Earle of Glen-cairn.

Two bowdraght therfra upon the south southwest is Nowach or yl of lambs, not a bow draught long.
Hard upon the nordeast of Inche-Davannan is inche-connagan, a myl long, a half broad, with breken wood, many blaeberries and plentie of Adders, it hath dwellings and corneland.
A small nameles yland betuix Inch connagan and Inch-Davannan.
from Row-chassil a bowdraught is yland Beg a smal one with wood.

A myl of water from the forsaid Row chassil is Inche-Lonaig a myl and a half long, and half as broad, adorned with abowndance of ew tree, which it alone hath among al the rest. the height of it is called Meal-na, gaur, the nordermost poynt is cald Row-newyr. the west poynt is Rowna-harrach, with Larrach na Heglish, the housis and buildings ar upon the southeast syd, wher a kirk hath been, it pertyneth to the laird of Luz, surnamed Colhun.     Continued