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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

Loch Lomond and the yles therin

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Pagination: 150v-151r

Transcription of text:

Hard upon the south syd is Freuch yland, two bowshots of lenth with many blae-berries, and many Adders in it.
A bowshot therfra upon the south syd is Cammez-raddach, a pair of butts long with wood upon it.
Half a myl thence west nordwest is Kreig na-Skarrow.
Northward ovir aganis the seat cald Rosh of Glenegis land, is Ylen Rosh, with a litle yland besyd of a pair of lenth pertyning to Makfarlan
Item yland na Darragan a pair of buts of lenth with wood. 3 myl nordwest from the former upon the north syd.
3 myl thence north and be west is Notyr-gannich or Sandye yle 2 pair long, seaven myle above that is ylen Terbart a pair of lenth with wood.
five myl thence, southward is Rowglash with a prettie hous and dwelling pertyning to Mackfarlan.
thrie myl thence [from Terbart to the north] Ylen-ow with a fair dwelling with orchards, it is of equal distance from both sydes of the loch, which is heir a myl broad [or rather 3/4].

thrie myl above it, hard upon the head of the loch is Ylen Eaunlich of a flight shot long, with a dwelling upon it. it is half a myl distant from Dow-viisk I mean the mouth therof. This Dow-visk in the uthir syd is the head of the water of Glen-fallacht