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Distancis in the firth of Clyd, Of Rennach [Mr T. Pont], Koryes in Rennach, In Buch-whydder

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Pagination: 143v-144r


Some of the placenames for Rannoch and this area are shown on Gordon 40.

Transcription of text:

Distancis in the firth of Clyd
Between the toun of Air and the nerest poynt of the Ile of Boot neer 30 m.
Between Irwing and Boot 20
Between Ayr and the neerest land of Arren Ile 24 m.
Between Arren viz the cok and Boot 14 m.
Between Ayr and Ailze 24
Between Arren & Ailze 16
Between Lamlash and Ayr 16
Between Ayr and the Mul of Cantyr the neerest way 36 m. viz leaving Arren of the left hand cuming to Ayr.
Between Arren and the neerest land of Cantyr 4 or 5 m.
Between Boot and the Clochstain in the mouth of Clyd 7 m.
Between the Clochstan and Dunoyn 3 m.
Loch long is 2 myl broad at the mouth
The firth of Clyd runs near east and west fra the Claichstane to fornents Dumbartan and then it is nordwest and southeast
Ailze Ardmillen 18 and Ardmillen is the neerest land to it upon that shoar.
Mul of Cantyr and Ayr about 36 the way be sea, EN.E. and WS.W a litle more to the south.

Of Rennach [Mr T. Pont] Item the lenth of Rennach from Eastnordeast at the brae of Athoil at Boespick the first in Rennach, the marche on the west at Pool-na-chaillach or carlings pooll, betuix the head of Brae-Loch-Lyon and Brae-glen-coen thir is a moss. ther ar manie mightie steep hills upon Glen-Koen, scattering out stones upon the seats in the glen therof. Item the Marche betuix Rennach and Brae-glen-Krevyrne is Leck-gewsachan and Kory-na-mein in Rennach. Item the nordermost part of Rennach is at Kory-eiiach or Showting corie upon the eastmost end of Lekahuring a rowll of Hills distinguishing and running betuix Rennach and Kean-loch-Treiyg in Lochabir, which loch is aucht myles distant from the said hills, no seat at all upon Loch Treiyg, nether in theys aucht myles specially.

This Kori-eiyagh hathe Alt-Eiiach a great burne falling in Loch Rennach. Item the nordermost part of Rennach that toucheth Badenach is Kori-goan upon the northwest syd of the head of loch-garry.

Koryes in Rennach.
Item Nariaff twa high mountayns betuix Korygoan and Rennach. Hard by furdir south in Rennach is Kory-mack-rennich. nixt and hard by the former is Kory chercill. Item upon the westmost head of Loch-garry, twa myle from the former is Duynish. nixt hard by the steep high hill Meal dyrry-Mackony.

[Meal dyrry Makeone is betuix Duynish and Corycherkil at the end of Lochgarry. Loch Garry is 3 myl long, a long loch]

Item betuix Rennach and Brae-glen-Lyon is na lochen a high hill with certain litle lochis upon and about it, the march betuix Bra-Glen-lyon and Finnaert seat in Rennach. Item the head of Glen-tyiss and Glen-Krevirn is distinguished from Rennach by the highe mowntayns, Kory-chaba and the twa Bochaletyrs twa seats in Bra-glen-Krevirn. Ther is a playn month betuix thir and Krowach-Luydan. Upon the westsyd of Crowach-Luydan is the great mountayne cald Bin-Chrowlash the march betuix Rennach and Loquhabyr. Item betuix Bin-Chrowlash and Bin-wreick high hills in Loch-Abyr is Viisk-Alyin (or pleasant streams) thir Viisk-Alyin fals in Loch Eiach or showting loch.

Item at the head of Glen-koen is Dowlochen, twa or thrie small lochis disbogging for the space of thrie myls of bownds, a myle thence eastward is Loch Eiach thrie myle long with wood. Upon the southsyd of thir Loch Eiach is Kroach-Luydan five myle long. twa myles be east Luydan is Loch Eiach. Item the westmost town in Rennach is called Downen upon Gawyr syd, and als a myle from Loch-Luydan. Item northwest from the head of Loch Treyig, at the head of Glen-Evish is the great moss of Mony-nedy (or moss of armour), so cald because sumtyme the Earle of Mar his men flying from Maconeil did throw away thair armour in this moss. this Mony-nedy betuix Nevish water and the water of Rha, being four myle long and falling in Loch-Treiyg. Thir water of Rha cumeth out of Kory-Rha.

Item upon the north part of Rennach at the westmost head of Loch- Eirachty upon Loch-Abyr syd is Bellach-Triadan. The eastmost part of Loch-Hoishyn is upon the north syd of Bellach-Triadan. the westmost head of Loch-Hoisshyn is at Chapple a moss upon the head of Loch Treiyg upon the southwest syd of Loch Hoisshyn betuix the said loch and Loch Treiyg is Lekanachailuy in english the broome bank.

Item Glen-Roy in Loch-Abyr is 10 myles long. Item Glen-speachan 14 myles long. Item the south syd of Glenspeachan is called Garvegaloch, four myles large from Ferseden the neerest seat in Loch-Abyr to Bellach Triadan. Howbeit it be 12 myles from Bellach Triadan yit ther is never a seat in the said 12 myles lyk to Glen-kynky, whence it is evident how great deserts ar heir betuix Badenoch and Loch-Abyr onlie proper for deir, nether is ther yit a seat in other ten myles on this syd Bellach Triadan.

Rennach marcheth with the south of Bra Loch Lyon, about the heads of Glen Koen.

Item betuix Loch rennach and Loch Timmel upon the south syd of Timmell Kainnachan forrest reaching almost fornent Murrullagan. Item ovir against Kainnachan upon the north syd of Timmel is Bofaly with the wood and forrest of Bofaly reaching to Boespick

In Buch-whydder
Item the kirk of Buquhyddyr half a myle thence Gartnafowar, 1 myl Glen-bocky, a myle thence Baleville, half a myl thence Baid, half a myle thence Balevoulin, 1 myl Tow, hard by another Balevouling with Stratheuure with a burne betuix at Loch-heuure head, a myle thence Ard- doun-dauf, twa myle thence Staink. Item Binlydy above Staink, hard by Kiurnach