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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

Kyle, in Cuningham, Cuningham

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Pagination: 142v-143r

Transcription of text:

Kyle beginneth after Carrict following the coast at the mouth of Dune riven, whiche river marcheth it alongst from Carrict.
It is betuix the mouth of Dun river and mouth of Aire river, upon which the town of Aire standeth 2 m.
This province is sum 24 m. long.
The town of Ayre standeth on the southsyd of the river with a fair stone Bridge of one arche, a good port, and much frequented.
Lugdour river falleth in it 8 m. above the town on the south syd
Air river runneth for the most part straicht.
S. Kebets kirk 4 m. up the water on the northsyd and fra it sum two myles.
Achincrue 4 m. up the river on the northsyd.
Sundrim 4 m. up the river hard upon it on the southsyd.
Above Sundrim is Gaillard 2 m. on the southsyd
Above Gaillaird is Partik a m. on the northsyd
Etterkin a m. up on the north syd
2 m. hyier up on the river stil is Colsfeild on the N syd
3 m. up the river on the southsyd is Barskimmin
Kings-cleuch is a m. up on the N syd.
A myl furdir up on the N syd is Bulloch-myll
Toun, Castel, and Kirk of Machlin is a myl fra Bulloch-myl and a m. fra the river on the north syd.
Sorn is above Bulloch-myl 2 m. on the north syd.
Smiddie-shawis is just aganis Sorn on the uthir syd of the river
Kilmuils-croft is above Smiddie-shawis 1/2 m. on the S syd
Just aganis it on the uthir syd of the river is Dergean
Dadillin is les than a 1/2 m. above Dergean on the north syd
Wall-wood 4 m. above Dergean on that same syd
Midwall-wood 1/2 m. hier on the southsyd
Ovirwall-wood 1/2 m. upp on that same syd
Kemms a m. up on that same syd
therfra a m. up the Muirkirk a kirk on the northsyd
above the kirk Aishie-burn a m. on that same syd

above that the Spy-slack, on the verie springs of the river, fra whiche to LainRiver, as is sayd , falleth in Aire River 8 m. above the toun on the south syd. Ther ar dwellings upon it, first Afleck a myl above the joyning of the waters on the north syd of Luggar.

nixt above it is Ochiltree 2 m. on the south syd
then is Watersyd a m. up on the northsyd.
Followeth Loch Norries 1/2 m. up on the south syd
then is Torringen Cast. on the south syd a m. up
Above it is the toun of Cumnock 1/2 m. on the southsyd , the Castle of Cumnock is 4 m. fra the toun, and standeth upon river of Nith, but it is in Kyle as al the paroch of Cumnok is also.
following up Luggar river, nixt above the town of Cumnok is Shankstoun 1/4 m. on the south syd.
then is Temple-land 1/2 myl up on the north syd.
followeth Logan on the southsyd 1/2 m. up
Craikstoun 1/4 mile up on the N.S.
Barlannochan 1 m. up on the S. syd.
Duncan-yeemer 1 m. up N.syd.
GlenMuir 1 m. up. N. syd.
Dornel 1 m. up N. syd.
Kevil 1 m. up S. syd.
Cruick 1/2 mile up S. syd.
Dalblair ovir aganis Cruick.
Glen-muir-shaw 2 m. up at the head of the river
it is 4 m. betuix the head of thir river, and the head of Aire river and upon 12 m. fra the neerest part of Clyd, whilk is Cornes 2 m. fra Lainrick.
Followeth the river Irwing which river devydeth Kyle from Cuningham.
Irwing Toun is on the northsyd therof at the sea with a fair stone bridge, heir is a convenient haven for ships.
following the river up on both sydes is thus
Craig 2 m. furdir up on the N syd.
Dreghorn 2 m. furdir up on the S. syd.
Achans 2 m. up S. syd.
Cragie-Wallace 4 m. up S. syd.
Ellerslie 2 m. up on the S. syd
Caprintoun 2 m. up S. syd.
Ricardtoun 2 m. S. syd.
Kilmarnock a town ovir aganis Ricardtoun the river running betuix them.
The Dinn above Kilmarnock 1 m. N. syd.
Crawfurd-land 1 m. furdir up N. syd.
Sloss hard by on that same syd.
Rowallen 2 m. up on the N. syd, from the river 2 m.
Dumisternock 2 m. up on that same syd, ovir aganis it on the uthir syd Haning ,but 2 m. fra the river
Kirk of Gastoun 4 m. above Dumisternok S. syd.
Barr hard by on that same syd.
Sesnock hard by also on that same syd.
Gaston Cast.1 m. above the Kirk on the S. syd.
Lowdoun Castle ovir aganis Gastoun on the N. syd and a myl up the river
Newmils, Toun,Kkirk, Castel a m. above Gaston N. syd.
Bankhead 2 m. up N syd.
Braidlie 1 m. up N. syd
The Hill called Lowdounhill is the head of thir river joyning cloas to Clydsdail
Sesnok river falleth in Irwing river 8 m. above the town of Irwing at the place called Sesnock
Above Sesnock is Carnel 4 m. on the west syd.
above it Brighous 1/4 m. on the west syd.
nixt to it is Killoch 1 m. up on that same syd.
upward on the river is Fouler 1 m. north syd
After on the river is Achmannoch 2 m. on the north syd
Sesnock river ryseth as far up as Irwing river, it is 4 m. betuix the springs of thir two rivers.

in Cuningham
Stinston K Eglintoun - 3 m.
Largs and Kilburning Castel 5 m.
Kilburning C Irwing 7 m.
Saltcoats Kilburning 6 m.
Painton Castle Kilburning 8 m.
Kilburnie C Castle Semple 6
Knok and Lairgs 2 m. and betuix them Nodlie burn
Skelmerlie burn and place 1 m. fra Knok
it is fra Irwing whair Cuningham beginneth to the end therof viz. Skelmerlie of coast 15 m.

Anok river fals in Garnock a mile above Eglinton on the S syd, it runs fra the east, ther is theron Cuningham head 2 m. fra Eglintoun, and 4 fra Irwing. above it upon that river is Leinsha just aganis a prettie green hill cald Castletoun green hil. Leinsha on the north syd.

Fundir up 1/2 m. on the n syd Stuartoun kirk
just aganis the kirk on the uther syd is Loch rige
half a myl north fra the Kirk and fra the river is Corsell.
betuix the kirk and Corsell is Cochelvy and betuix them is Chapel burn with a bridge.
North fra Corsel another bridge on Chapiel.
Pokelly on the southeast syd of Annok 1 m. and 1/2 m. fra the river, and 2 myl fra Stuartoun kirk
Up the river fra the said kirk on the S syd is i m. Robertland
Southeast therfra viz: fra Robertland, hard by it is Swinstie.
Up the river on the northsyd above it a myle is Blacklawhill, a great hill the springs of the river cum fra it about a myl
Southeast fra Blacklawhil a myle is Carnhill at the head of the river, whilk river Annok cums out of the Blackloch 1/2 myl above Carnehill.
Blackloch 1/2 m. long 3/4 myl broad, and 1/2 fra the Uhytloch south fra it. Black loch being north.
Uhytloch 1 m. long, 1/2 m. broad, between them 1/2 m.
Carcarth water cums out of Whytloch
fornent Carnhil is Drumbuy hil due south

following the coast northward fra Irwing is Garnok river a myl fra Irwing.
and fra Garnock 3 m. is Kyle river
Caf river runneth in Garnok 3 m. above the sea.
Eglintoun in Cuningham is fra Irwing toun 2 m. short, and fra the sea a myl and a half.
Kilwinning is fra Irwing 2 m. and fra Eglintoun a short myle.
Cuningham head fra Irwing 4 myl east.

Lugdoun water is hard by Eglintoun on the north syd therof. it runs in Garnock a myl fra Kilwinning and a myle and 1/2 fra the sea, it hath a stane brig a myle fra Kilwinning alsmuch fra Irwing midway. Garnoch heir cowrs bendeth northwest.

Upon Garnoch following up the river are
Kilwining N syd 2 m. fra the sea
Mongrenan 1 m. up above the uthir S. syd
Woodsyd N syd just aganis Mongreenan
Blair on the S. or E. syd 4 myl fra Kilwining.
Achinhervie 2 myl south fra the river 4 myl fra Irwing
The tour W. syd 4 myl fra Irwing

The kirk of Dery 5 m. fra Irwing, and 1/2 myl above the joyning of Garnok and Caf rivers, and the river Ry runs in Garnok 1/4 m. above the kirk on the north syd. Ry cums fra the nordwest with a great crook.

Carsland is on Garnock 6 m. fra Irwing E. syd
Kilburnin a myl fra Garnok on the north syd, besyd the Loch Kilburnin, a myl therfra.
Irwing river cums fra Lowdoun hil 20 m. longe
Saltcotts a harbour 3 m. fra Irwing N.N. West - it is a toun
Stinstoun a myl east therfra up in the land.
Kellylaw 1 m. east therfra, it is 4 m. fra the kirk of Kilbyrnie, it hath a loch of a myl long, east 1/2 myl fra it.
a myl fra Saltcotts is the mouth of Stainlie burn
a myl more north be the coast is Minfod burn. upon it Minfod 1/4 myl fra the sea N. syd.
nixt a myle is Gorak burn 6 myl fra Lairgs.
A myl therfra Seamil burn.
Poynt of Paincors 4 myl fra Lairgs and fra the Seamil burn a myl. heir ther is a poynt runs nord west in the sea a large myl, on the poynt therof standeth the Castle Paincors
following the coast twa myl is Hunterstoun, and heir you touch the sea agayn in the way to Largis
therfra the coast falleth straicht nord east to Lairgs