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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

The Isle of Skiana commonlie called the Skie, Frech Water Lochis in Skianach , Salt Lochis, in Carrict and therabout, Divers Distances

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Pagination: 141v-142

Transcription of text:

Edrigill [moir and Beg], thence a myle upon the water of Uig Bruchuig, thence a myle Scoudbruch, thence a myle Mungistot, hard by Chroshemer, thence 1 myle Knocko, 1 myl Barra na sketaig a myl thence Kroshemer, 1 myl Kilvakisa, a quarter thence Kraaulan. Thence a myle Borraness and Boraness-fuille, 1 myl Hownacklead, 1 myl Chroshemer, thence a quarter Kilmore with Avo Kilmore, a half myl thence Ballach, a half thence Duntuyllim, it is a myl hence to Rowhoumish. Ardnakeldan a quarter myl from the poynt. from the poynt eastward a myl Brundestot, hard by Kilmolowag, thence half a myle Balmackuyan, a burne betuix it and the former, a myl thence Keandendruym, a myl thence Altavik seat and Isle

a Hil in Vaterness calld Hei-feald

Frech Water Lochis in Skianach
Betuix Tronterness and Bracadill, Loch Huiska. Item Loch Whouildan, Loch Raraeg, Loch Towagri: Loch Growban: L Orroid: L. Ledill: L. Hellohald: thess ar in Macloyds bownds. Item Loch Tellibart: Loch na Rowen-dounen : L. na Elachan: thess ar all in MacLoyds bownds, who is esteemed greater of lands in Sky then Donald gorim. Item L. Cholumkill twa myl long with ane Island and toure. [?] Item Lochshant: Loch Fadd. Loch Gilchrist

Salt Lochis
Loch Eisort: L. Leipan: L. Sckasaeg: L. Bretill: L. Einort: L. Helport: L. Haerloish: L. Rowaeg: L. Bracadill: L. Vurkansa: L. Poltil: L. Faillord: L. Grenbaeg: L. Chriseness. Etc

[Mem. in the salt water lochis to noat them down as they stand in order upon the margent of the crantie [?]]

in Carrict and therabout
Glen Ap is in Galloway in the way betuix Chappel and Balintrae, betuix a place cald the thrie standmg stains whilk is in the hie way and the said Glen Ap is 6 m. and heir endeth Galloway and beginneth Carrict.

Carrrict is 26 m. long, and 20 m. broad.
Stincher is the first water theron following the coast fra Galloway. At the mouth therof Balintrae 8 m. fra the 3 stains, thir river Stincher is upon 20 m long.
fra Balintrae is Knokdolean 4 m up on the N. syd.
therfra Craigneil 2 m up on the south or west syd.
therfra Kirkhil 6 m on the N. syd.
then follow up the river
Daljarak 4 m. Penewhorry 1 m. Corskleyis 3 m. Kirkland 3 m. Kirk-damnie a paroch kirk 1 m. Ald Knalbenoch 2 m. Dochorn - 3 m.
Nixt followeth Girven River, the mouth therof is fra Stincher 12 m. northeastward, it is sum 18 m. long. At the mouth therof is Girven a small town, and a kirk westsyd.
then follow up

Trochrig 1 m. Pinkill 2 m. Kollochan 2 m. upon the N. syd. Bargeny 4 m on the W. syd. Bruntstoun 1 m. Dachorro 1 m. Drimmellen 1 m. on the N syd. Bartlennachan 1/2 m. Drymmochrin 1/2 m. Dalduff 3 m. Kirk Michel a kirk 2 m. Clencaird 1 m. Blaquhane 1 m. Kirk of Stratoun 1 m.

Dun is the nixt river, which river is the march betuix Carrict and Kyle, of 14 m. lenth, the mouth of it is fra the mouth of Girven 12 m. it cumeth out of Loch Dune. Towns and Castels upon it ar first at the sea is Grinen 1 m. up is Brig-end, then is Blairstoun 1 m. up. Achindren 2 m. up. Monkwood is a m. hier. Above it Cassils 1 m. on the westsyd therfra stil upward Barbistoun 1 m. then Keirs 3 m . Above that is the Loch 6 m long, of breadth 2 m., sum places less, it hath ane Ile with ane old hous in it cald Castle Dune.

Following stil the coast which bendeth stil to the nordeast, nixt is a smal river called Millanderdail. it falleth in the sea betuix Girven and Stincher rivers and sould be insert be description in that place. the mouth of it is 4 myl fra Ballintrae. Places upon it ar Carltoun at the sea, then is Millanderdail 2 m. up.

Troquhain a castle is betuix Girven and Dun 3 m. fra the sea. fra Bargeny - m.
Mayboll the head town of Carrict, the seat of the justice, it is fra Ayre 6 m. fra Girven 9 m. and fra the sea 4 m.
Kilcheinyeis 2 m. fra Mayboll just west and fra the sea upon 5 m.
Baltessan a m. fra Mayboll to the sowthwest.
Gadiehorn 2 m. fra Mayboll north west.
Knokdon 3 m. nordwestward fra Mayboll
Dunduff 4 m. nordwestward fra May-boll

Divers Distances
Betuix Aire and Lanrik in Clydsdail ar 24 m. and Newmils town is midway.
Dowglas Castell and Lainrik - 8 m.
Lainrik and Biggar 4 m.
Biggar and Peebils 12 m.
Craufurd Lyndsa and Biggar 6 m.
Craufurd Jhon and Biggar 10 m.
Lowdon Castle and Glasco 12 m.
Lowdon and Hamiltoun 13 m.
Lowdon Lanrick 13 m.
Irwing and Lairgs in Cuningham 12 m.
Cros-raguel Abay is fra Mayboll 2 m. and westward fra Beltassan 1/2m
Kilmaars in Cuningham is fra Irwing 4 m. and fra the sea 4 m. also.
Shelach of Minnok in Galloway at the head of the river of Cree is fra the neerest part of Stincher river in Carrik 3 m.
Betuix the said Minnok and the neerest part of the river of Dune is 6 m.
Head of Air river and Lainrik on Clyd 8 m.
Ailze yle is fra Aire 24 m. and fra Ardmillen 18 m. now Ardmillen is fra Girven river 2 m. on the westsyd therof, thir Ardmillen is the neerest shoar to Ailze
Cumnok castel in Nithesdail Crawfurd Jhon 8 m.
Town of Crawfurd Jhon and castel Crawfurd Jhon 2 m.
Castel Crawfurd Jhon and Biggar 10 m.