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[Noats of Lennox and Stirlinshyr gotten fra Gentlemen of that countrey 15 May 1644, The Isle of Skiana commonlie called the Skie

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Pagination: 140v-141r

Transcription of text:

Furdir up is Drum-mikill 1/2 myl fra the water on the northsyd, then is Gairtnes on the northsyd 2 myl fra Drummikill. heir the river hath a bow and windeth about with a crook of half a myl to the south, and then turns agayn to the west. Heir is a great salmon Leap commonlie cald a linn.

Twa myl and a half above Gartnes is Cragy-varine,it standeth 2 myl fra the water on the northsyd.
Upon the river is Ballindallach with a wood 2 long myl above Gartnes upon the northsyd.
Just aganis it on the southsyd Brane-shogill upon the fute of a Glen, upon a burn ending ther, a quarter myl fra the river, a wood beneath it upon the water.

Followeth Balinchannain 1/2 myl up upon the southsyd, ovir aganis it on the northsyd a wood cald Kyl-Trochen, furdir up 2 myl on the southsyd is Balglash. Then on the north 2 myl fra Balglash is Kilcroich 1/4 myl fra the river, then on the southsyd is a kirk cald Fintray 2 myl and a half fra Balglash, then on the northsyd a myl and a half fra Kilcroich is Fintray.

At the head of the water about 2 myl fra Fintray ther is on the south syd ane old ruinous castell cald Grayms-castell of Dundaff moor, it wes cald Dundaff. it is upon the head of Carron river.

The springs of Ainrik and Carrown do joyn verie neer and low grownd betuix.
The heads of the twa rivers of Ainrick and Blayne are taken up with a great moor, beginning at Grayms castell then to the cory of Balglash, then to Drawguyin, then to Kilsyth, then to Terduff which is thrie myl down upon Carrown, and to the Meekle Binn upon the head of Carrown, it is cald at the west part, the Moor of Blayne and at the east end the Moor of Campsie, fra the kirk of Campsie which is upon the head of Glashdur water half a myl west fra Craig-Bernard.

Noates and Memoirs drawn furth of Mr Timothee Pont his papers

[The Isle of Skiana commonlie called the Skie]

Item betuix Bracadil and Trouternesse is the water of Snisort. Item twa waters betuix Keysbourg and Snisort to wit Glenhaltin within a myle to Kysburg, the uthir water of Glen-rumbisdill or Rumbisdaill water. Glentellisdail water mouth some myle be north Kysebourg. Item nixt the water of Glenuig five myles be south west Duntuyllim, called otherways Dunringill. it is 8 myles betuix Dundonald and Duntuyllim. Duntuyllim is within a myl to the poynt of Trouternesse. Betuix Duntuyllim and the poynt midway the seat of Eriskew.

The port of Trouternesse is five myle broad betuix Duntuyllim and Ghervad. Item Kilmartin a myle neerer Trouternesse then Ghervad [not so] . Within a myle thence Stensboll nixt Ghervad beyond the water of Kil-Martin. Nixt Ghervad 2 myls Could-na-grock, 2 myls nixt Touttin-ycr, a myl thence Touttin-ocr . half a myle thence Grouban, hard besyde Growban is Avon Roik or Ryce, with Eik and the freche Loch Harry, a myl thence Bordmeanach, Item nixt Hollom ocra and ycra with Loch Hollom. Above thess is Bonstoire thence thrie myle Fairnan. thence a myle Port-Ry with Avon portry. 2 myles thence Peinuille thence 2 myle is Kammez Keanvayg, one myl Achanahanneg. 2 myl thence Meaassin. Item thrie myl up on Lochsligach Kean-lochsligach and Avon Sligach or Sligachan. Item the ferry toun under Binscord called Scosa. That trinket of hills ar generally called Klammaig. Item the hie way throw thois hills is called Bellachan-Scard. Item Strath-houlin or the Strath of Hollyn.

In Scalpa the seat of Stappa, and thence 2 myle the seat of Keanball.
Nixt on Skianach again within 2 myle to Strathoulyn is Skenadyr. Item fornent Scalpa on Skianach Leuras, hard by is Harpool, a myle thence Askemorruy.

Item in the cowntrey of Stra or Straordel is the Morruy. Item Castel-Chewles-Akin with sum small skyrrs fornent ar the said Chewles. Item nixt Brackle, Scoulonin, hard by the first is Slait. Kean-loch thrie myle from the former. 2 myl thens lyeth Dowisgill yr and ocr. Thence half a myle Tontamurich that is to say a toung betuix twa seas. A myle thence Parveg, a myle thence Castel-Chammez. Betuix this and Chewles-Akin is 8 myles, then the first in Slait, Tong, a quarter from thence [Farfour] Sasig, a myle thence Kilmoir. Hard by Kilbeg. a half thence Ostaip moir and Beg. 1 myl Linagerry, 1 myl thence Sorn, thence half a myle Armadal moir and Beg, 1 myl thence Tormaise, thence 2 myl Ardlait. Item Loch Eissort - - - and Slait, it is half a myle broad and seaven myle long. it is 4 myles betuix castell Chammez and the mouth of Loch Eisort. Item Ord. Item 3 myle thence Dunskaich thrie myl from the head of Loch Eisort upon thir syd of the loch. Then the first in the head of the loch on the syd farrest from us [?] 4 myl thence is Boreraig. it is a myl betuix Kilchrist whiche I did sie and Killurid. Dunskaich is above Ord (a myl on this cheek of Loch Eisort whiche is marche betuix Sklait and Mingeness) it is about ten myles broad at the mouth.

[Loch Eisart is the marche betuix Slait and Straordell]

The first town in the cowntrey of Mingennes nixt Straordell is Rowendownen whiche is fornent Rumm. 2 myles fra Rowendownen is Glenbretill and Saavetin Isle with avon Bretill. Kilmolruy is 3 myl from Rowendownen. Item thence five myles Braharpoirt, heir cumeth in a loch betuix Mingenes and Bracadill. Upon the head of thir loch whiche is 6 myl long is the seat of Dreynach, thir Loch is called Loch Herport Item Ferren Isle in the middest of Meginnes Loch. Item Keslo upon - - - Item fornent Kysburgh upon the uthir syd of Loch Sneisport nixt Nisort, Choislader, nixt Grisarness, nixt Tuddinvain, nixt a myle thence Kildonnen, then Burrough four myl from Nisort.

Item in Tronterness cowntrey Kisburg moir and Beg, thence a myle Polldun, thence a myle Pool-na-halla. Heir is Dundonald castell, thence a myle Ouig, thence twa myle Edrigill