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Noats of distances for Badenoch, Noats about St. Jhonstoun and in Strath-erne, Noats of Lennox and Stirlinshyr gotten fra Gentlemen of that countrey 15 May 1644.

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Transcription of text:

Noats of distances for Badenoch
Ruffen in Badenoch and Elgyn ar distant the neerest way 36 myl. the way is by Creig-Elachy, whilk is fornent Rothimurcus throw Bulladren, by the kirk of Duthel to Lochenduyrb, holding the south syd therof, to the castell off Dunfale then throw the glen of Pluscardie.

Lochenduyrb Elgyn - 16 myl. Dunfal Lochenduirb 4 myl. the kirk of Dunkile 1 myle above Dunfale.
Ruffen and Forres 26 myl, to Dunfal 13.
Balachastell Ruffen - 16 myl, viz 10 to Rothimurcus, thence 6 myl to Ruffen all thir long way.
Keyth Balachastell - 18 myl.
the lenth of Tulnen River is 10 myl, the head therof 6 myl fra the neerest part of Spey.

Noats about St. Jhonstoun and in Strath-erne
Duncrub St Jhonstoun - 6 m
Duncrub Bridge of Ern - 6 m. It standeth on the south syd of Ern about a myl fra the river
Drummond is 8 myl above it up the river on that same syd, a myl fra the river also
Drummond and fut of Loch Erne - 6 m
Drummond Sterlin - 12 m
The bridge of Ern is fra St Jhonstoun sum 2 long myl just south
Duncrub Falkland 10 m
Duncrub Abyrnethie 10 m

Noats of Lennox and Stirlinshyr gotten fra Gentlemen of that countrey 15 May 1644.

The springs of Kelvyn river cum from above Colyam Cast in Sterlinshyr. hard by on the north hand is the Catlin burn another spring, and to the south hand another more up then Achinvoyl, whilk is very neer the head of the water cald Bony which falleth doun to Dunipace. thir dyvers springs joyned beneth the kirk of Monyabrich begins to be cald Kelvyn and fall in a litle loch. the goynie Burne falleth therin also from the north, then the burn of Glashdyr falleth in from the north about 1/2 myl above Kirkintillo.

Kirkintillo fra Kinked just south 1/2 myl and Kelvyn betuix, it is half a myl up on Glasdyr. the lenth of Glasdyr 3 myl. the cours fra N.W. to S.E. theron first Kinked on the west. Woodhead 2 myl above Kinked on that same syd. Gloret a myl above Kinked on the east syd. Bandcloich above it on that sam syd a quarter myl and a quarter from the watersyd.

Kirkintillo and Parthick at Kelvyn mouth 8 myl. Kirkintillo Glaco 6 myl. Glasco Parthick 2 myl. Glasco is fra Kirkintillo S.S.W and Parthick fra Glasco W.

Luggy river runs in Kelvyn at Kirkintillo on the south syd, the lenth 4 myl large. ther is upon it Baidlae 2 myl fra Kirkintillo upon the southsyd of it. Bandheath also 3 myl fra Kirkintillo upon the north syd, it is not a myl fra Munkland paroch.

Munkland Kirk 3 myl fra Clyd, 8 myl fra Glasco.
Kinked fra Sterlin - 12 myl. Kinked Kilsyth - 3 myl. Kilsyth Sterlin 9 myl.
Kelvyn runs east and west inclyning sumwhat to the south. Cader is theron 3 short myl beneth Kirkintillo.
Kirkintillo Dumbartan 12 long myl.

Bardowy a myl fra Kelvyn on the northsyd besyd a prettie loch, it is a myl beneth Cader, Bankell is a myl and half fra Kelvyn on the northsyd, just north fra Bardowye

Northwest fra Bardowye is Mugdock besyd a loch, 2 myle fra Bardowye, 8 myl west fra Cader or therby.

The paroch of Leni-ye is on the southsyd of Kirkintillo up and doun Kelvyn-syd, but most part therof to the east.

Garscub on the northsyd of Kelvyn, hard upon the river, it is 3 short myl beneth Bardowy.
Northwest therfra is Maynis 2 long myl, it beginneth Dumbartan-shyr.
North fra it Bavye 1/4 myl, it is in the Lennox.
Craigtoun northwest fra Bavie 1/4 myl and fra Craigtoun just nordeast 1/4 myl Achincloich
Jordanhill upon the north syd of Clyd 2 myl beneth Parthick
Cloberhill nordwest fra Jordanhill 2 short myl, a myl fra Clyd.

The river Clyd runs fra Glasco to Dunbartan north and west sumwhat to the north as it were W.N.W. and fra Dunbartan to the Cloich stane it turnes a litle to the south. At the Cloich stane is the entrie of it to the sea for ther the coast turneth on the left hand to the south. the breadth of it at Dumbartan is a myl and half or sum les.

Drumrie a myl north fra Clyd, a long myl beneth Cloberhill.
Cochna is just north fra Drumrie a myl and half, and fra Clyd 2 long myl.
Barnis on the river just south fra Drumrie
Dunotyr on the river 2 myl beneth Barnis
Kirk of Kilpatrick and the kirktoun a quarter myl short fra Kilpatrick down the river
Dunglas a myl and half fra Kilpatrick on a rock in the sea, beneath and about it woods, it is fra Dunbartan a myl and half
Betuix them is a great and hie rock cald Dunbuckhill, then followeth the toun land.
Mayns of Cahound lyeth north fra Dunbuck, fra the toun a shortmyl, nordeast fra the toun.

Ther is a great moor cald the moor of Dunbartan, it lyeth betuix Cragtoun and the river Levin, about 2 myl fra Clyd long, it cums within 2 smal myl of Dunbartan, the northsyd of it upon Lead-lewne which is upon the midst of the water of Blayne.

Blayn ryseth at Balagan, whiche is a myl west fra Craig-Bernard and runs just west first to the kirk of StraBlayne 1/4 myl long, then to Duntraith a long myl fra the former, both upon the northsyd. Duntraith hath upon the north syd onlie muirs and twa great hils. Dunguyn and the Park-hill just north fra the castel. Lead-lewne is on the southsyd of Blayne, west fra Duntraith 1 short myl. Lead-Lewn is a great wood. South fra Duntraith is a pretty rownd hill with a wood cald Dun-goyack, just aganis Duntraith, the river betuix.

Fra Duntraith down the river twa myl is a place cald the Mosse, on the south or south west syd. heir wes Mr. George Buquhanan borne.
Thir river in its cours runs west sumwhat norderlie
Duntraith-Sterlin - 15 myle.
Then ther is on Blayne Killern - 3 myl down on the northsyd. Croy on the north syd also a short myl fra Killern and heir it falls in Ainrik river.

Ainrik river fals in Loch Lomund 4 myl above the lower end of the loch, whair the loch casts out the river of Levin. Upon Ainrik 2 myl up on the southsyd is Kilmaronok a kirk and a fair castell, and on the north syd just aganis it standeth Buchanan a great castell and a kirk.     Continued