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Braid Albayne, In Bofrack fornents Weeme in Strathtay, of Braid Albane, Of Appin-Dow upon Tay, Somwhat of the Height of Badenoch about Loch Lagan, Of Monygegg

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Pagination: 144v-145r


The section entitled "Somwhat of the Height of Badenoch about Loch Lagan" also appears on Pont 22 back, although missing some words at the right hand end of each line.

Transcription of text:

Braid Albayne
Ther is a way from the yet of Blair in Athoil to Ruffen in Badenoch maid be David Cuming earle of Athoill for carts to pass with wyne, and the way is called Rad-na-pheny or way of wane wheills, it is layd with calsey in sundrie parts. whair thir Cuming built a castell, his wyf built a kirk. he ended miserablie being torne in pieces with a horss in Badenoch, whair falling from his horss, his fute stak in the stirrup and ane of his thighs stiking in the styrrop wes brocht to Blair be the said horss. whilk Blair he built and the castell of Mowlin

Item ther have bene 24 lairds of Weeme thei came in Scotland with Queen Margaret from Hungary.
Item the loch of Loch Tay is affirmed to be unmeasurablie deep fornent the foot of the skirts of Bin Lawour

Item the playn haugh upon Tay betuix Beleachan and Lyon is esteemed 5 myl long, in sum parts, one in some parts 2 myl braid, most pleasant, fertyl, even, and weell exposed to the south, protected from the north with month

Item Blabalg a hill betuix Glenbrewnan and Mowling
Item Binwyry the highest hill in Strathardoch.

In Bofrack fornents Weeme in Strathtay

Dunskiaig, 1 myl thence farregill 1 m Tonkry 1 myl Poirt, half a myl be west that Tullich-chowill, 1 myll thence Striks. Item be East agayn is Tontwyme, hard by Duntailler, half a m. thence the mill of Auberchalduy, a half above Boness 3 hous high, a half above Gun-Moness. 1 m be east and moir Moirluich 2 hous high also. Item be east that ii myl and moir be west the kirk of Garntully Tomteirvin.

of Braid Albane
Upon the west southwest syd of Binlawear is Cory-na-bruick or cory of grilds, 2 m. thence Cory-Chrennich 2 myl be west the last is Kory ghealduy, 2 myl be west that Cory mucky. 2 myl be west stil is Lairglochen 6 myl long and cumeth out of a loch 1 m long, thois coryes have all burns falling in Loch tay. Item Corylawer betuix Lock na gat and Lawers.

Of Appin-Dow upon Tay
Item upon the east chwick of Altchailtny 3 Leignachau and half a myl be east Gairth, be east that half a myl Donafoluf. a half myl be east that Tome-Tewgle or ryknow. 2 myl thence Tygyrmach the kirk of Appin na Dow hard by. Hard by half a myl thence is Dalrawer or fatt haugh upon Tay, below a myl thence Kammez-airnan, a half thence is Balchomas, nixt is the place of Weems. Item be east Baleachan half a myl Cowit, half a myl thence Borluik, half a myl thence Tomchoit, 1 myl thence Cluny 1 m. thence Knockdar 2 hous hight in Derkolly, be east Derkil Knockfolduich.

Item Glenstrae four myl long all full of wood. Mackgregor doth styl himself Laird of Glenstree.

Somwhat of the Height of Badenoch about Loch Lagan
Item ther cumeth a water 4 myl long out of the northwest syd of Bin-Aillayr called Pottaig at - - - in the end of Loch Lagan nixt Badenoch. it runneth throw Glen Pottaig. it hath but certan symmer seats in it, it falleth partly out of Binavyn. Item Winchart moir, Storne, Leag, Ruybaid Shulag. Hard by is Koryknappach. Hard by Pool dow braik, these ar in Glen- pottaig. Item Meinster with ald Meinster running out of Cory-na-varr, thir burne passeth to Avon Pottaig. Item the kirk of Laggan Chynich upon the north syd of Patig at the head of Loch Laggan. Item be west that Tullich cromb 1 myl from the kirk, 2 myl of wood to Abyrardour and Alt Ardour, 4 myl thence Chaille-ross with Alt Chailleress cuming out of Cory Chailleros. 2 myl thence Maig-craig-chaillach, at the outcumming of Speachan out of Loch Laggan. Item fornent Maig forsaid is Tor-bullabin or know of whaipps. Hard by the same androwiden at the west end of the Loch. Cory chouspick is 3 myl from the former. 3 myl thence Stron-saware a myl thence Ardaurig. Item 3 myl from the former is Muy-Etre-ta-Loch-Erich. Item Patraig. 3 myl thence Knoyishyrnan. Item Kanloch or the end fornent the kirk, a myl thence Yaldowie upon the south syd of the water of Pottaig. Item Druymenourd a good seat, heir is a trink of Month distinguishing Badenoch and Lochabyr. Item from thir runneth the water of Masey falling in Spey. Item Stra Maschy the first seat on Maschy. Item Tyrfegoun upon the height of the rok lyk Dumbartan, the ruyns of the old castell cald sumtym Doutelair. Item besyd Tullochcromb Strath Chrmumachkan with ald Chrunachan with Loch Chrunachan

Of Monygegg
Item the stryp that crooketh so oft upon the heid of the wild month and hils of Mynnygegg is called Keuchen-min-Lowib.

[it runneth to Athoil and falleth in Browr and Brour in Garry] Item the moss descending down upon the uthir syd thrie myl be west Stairsoch is ca1led Leckke-nyn-Teuwan fra the head of the Krain layd being the first sheals in Badenoch.

Rothimurcus Innerishie 3m. Innerischie Ruffen 5m. Ruffen Innernahavin 4 myl and betuen them Nude more, 2 myl fra Ruffen. Ruffen Garvie more 12 myl
Garvie more Loch Spey 5 m. Loch Spey 1 m. Creg in Lochabyr is 4 myl
the lenth of fishie 12 myl it springeth out of the part of minegeg neerest the Starsoch
Loch Doun loch Erachtie distant 6 myl Loch Erachtie 12 myl long
Kouchna Loub runs to Browr water, it is 9 myl long under the name of Browr, it runs in Garry upon the syd narest Tilt neer Calvin betwen it and Calbrour
Baspick Blare loch Rennach 7 myl long from the fut of it to Blair 10 myl

fra the south syd of loch Rennach to Loch Tay 12 myl viz fra Gaur upon the head of loch Rennach to the kirk of Killine. Keandloch and Loch Timmel 5 m. Finnchastel to Muylen wher the river intereth Garry is 2 Logy Rait Muylen Blair Dunkeld 16 my Muylen Blair 6m.