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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

Of Rennoch,coreys, burns, lochs and sheels therin

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Pagination: 134r


Some of the placenames for Rannoch and this area are shown on Gordon 40.

Transcription of text:

Of Rennoch,coreys, burns, lochs and sheels therin. Loch Dormist a litle falling in Tymmell.
Loch Rennoch 7 common myles long from east to west.
Loch Eyracht 12 myl long. Avon Eyrachty 3 myl l. falling out of the said loch in Loch Rennach at the west therof but enclyning to north.
L.Barlagan 1/2 myl long betuix bra Glenwrquhay, Monie na Crowach in Rennach and Braglen-Etyf.
Half a myl be east that is Loch Eiach, out of it runs the river Gawir, the loch 1/2 myl long.
Loch Luydan 2 m. long, 1 m. from the former.
Loch Ewyr is hard by.
Lochen na dye 1 m. thence a smal loch.
Loch Ba having the great hill of Crowach Luydan above it.
Craig na chronan a hill marching Rennach and Glenwrquhay.
five myl be east is Achachalladyr with the loch cald Lochen Duymaig.
Loch Tolle 2 m. long, at Bra glenwrchay falling in the Rennach.
Glen Koymbre 3 m. long on the south of L. Rennach, the burn goeth to the loch at Innerchoymbre.
Fevady a sheel a myl above Innerchoymbrie.
A myl be east is Ach-vounagan, a sheell
East from that and hard upon it is Kinkayvin.
Hard by is Stron-ferne with Alt Innering-gauran
2 m. be east that is Glenkleynie 2 myl long.
2 myl be east Glencary 2 myl long.
Glensassen 1 myl from the former, and in the mouth therof Corynaluisken.
Glenmoir betuix Gart and the syd of Suy challen.
Cory na sowy in the head of Glen moir.
Above Gart the wood Kylruy. Item Doungaillies a hie hill
Loch Kinvardochy half a myl long.
3 myl be east it is Loch Langeluy 1/2 myl long
1/2 myl thence Loch Glash, being 2 myl from the Weem it fals in the burn of Cluny.
3 myl be east the former loch is Loch yercullick I myl long it falleth in the burn of Dercully fornent Garntullich.
L. Largluy falls in Timmell al the rest of the forsaids lochs fall in Ald chailteny.
L. na gat fals in Timmel 1 myl be north Derculy.