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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

Stra-Gartnay, The Draught of Charroun river and Okell river

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Pagination: 131v-132r


Some of the placenames for Strath Gartney and this area are shown on Gordon 51. Many of the placenames for the Carron and Oykell, and this area are shown on Gordon 10 and Gordon 19.

Transcription of text:

The seat of Bochassill is upon the southsyd of the brigend of the Kirk of Kilmahugg. a myle thence is Coulin-teugle.
Ylen Bennachar in the east end of L Bennachar.
Teth river cums out of L. Bennachar at the east end, a myl thence stil upon the north syd of loch Bennachar is Blair-Garry, a myl thence Drippans, at the skirt of Bin-lydy.
2 myl thence Affrance, a myl thence Kean Drochart, or brig-head upon the water of Finglass.
Glenfinglas is 6 myl long with a water cald Mony-nach
It hath a wood on the southsyd of Glenfinglas called Kaille-newyrr.
Item upon the south syd of thir glen is Groddich.
Thir Glenfinglas pertyneth to the Lordship of Doun, and is good forrest and wood for hunting.
3 myl from the head of L Bennachar is Loch Ardkeanknoken twa myl long, pertyning to the Lard Glenwrquhay.
Troislichen 3 m. thence upon the water of Dowgarry, at the head of Loch Ketterny.
Thir water Dowgarry is a myl long betuix L. Ardkeanknoken and L. Ketterny.
Item Port ylen Moloch is 3 myl from L. Ardkeanknoken

Yland Moloch in the east end of L. Ketterlin, and a myl from it Brenachaylly, a myl therfra Lettyr. Hard by is Eddera-Laekach with a good burn, thir burn fals in the midd of L Ketterin, 2 myl thence red mak moynen. 2 myl thence Kayllychrie, a myl thence Stowyk, half a myle thence Glengyle seat with the water of Glengyle.

The upper-most of Strathgairtnay is Clachan-wraid. Loch Ketterin reacheth above it 2 myl and moir, the uppermost yle in it on the north syd and west end is yland Vernaik or Mernock, and a myl from the former on the south syd is yland Verraik.

Nixt to Glengyl upon the southsyd in Monteeth is Stronlochen, 3 myl thence Caldnairt 3 myl thence Glash-chailly with the great wood of Kaillymore betuix them.

Half a myl from Glaschailly and be east is Krantullich, hard be east it is Cory na nourisken and a myl thence Cory Kailden or hasil cory.

Twa myl therfra is Caillach na ba a myl upon the southeast of L Ketterin.
Item the great hill and month upon the west southwest is cald Bin-Manniff.
Half a myl from Murlagan is Achrai, and 3 myl therfra Keandrochart upon the southeast end of Ardkeanknoken Loch
Half a myl be south that from the water syd is Aldanabreik a trowt burn, hard by is Cachray, ane myl therfra Doun-Bin
Item Trombuy is upon the southsyd of L. Dronky being a myl long.

Thir Loch Dronky hath a burn cald Ess-growach, or wgly lynn, falling in it, thir burn is 2 myl long, and cumeth out of Creig-mad, a very craggish hill, a myl from Trombuy is Gartnasale upon L Dronky, thir upon the north back of Creigmoir fornent Inche mahome

A myl thence upon L Bennachar is Tombrek, half a myl thence Tomrye, half a myl thence Kowilrigreen, a myl thence Dowletyr, both thir ar Glenwrchyis, a myl thence Dow Letyrille. Item Garve-choynie a half from the former, then further down is Kilmahugg.

Betuix Kilmahug, and Inchmahume is the moor cald Lairg na Ballach.
Item the seat of Glenny above nixt Monduy, it is a myl north from the Loch Inchmahume to the west a quarter.
Item nixt the mill, a quarter myl above the west end of the Loch is Balchreigan hard by the said mill
Mony-wraky lyeth betuix Balchreigan and Gleny. A myl thence Achachyl. half a myl thence Ardnackie. The mil standeth on the southsyd of the burn of Inch mahume
Item the Dounen is betuix Adischyll and Forth and is hard on Forth southwest from Achachyll.

Item the tour of Kalendar 4 house high. Item upon the uthir syd of Garvevisk is the Kirk of Leny. 3 myl from Kalendar is Lannerik. Upon the north syd of Garvevisk is Cammer-moir a good hous, 1 myl from Lenrik is Torry upon the sowth syd 2 myl thence Daldauran 2 myl thence at the south end of the wood of Doun of Monteeth

The Draught of Charroun river and Okell river

Charrown falleth out of the great Hil of Scormivar the heist be far of al the bordering mowntayns for the name importeth so much as a Top above all hills. it ryseth the southsyd therof sum 2 or 3 myl from the mayn Top. It is reconed from that top to the town of Tayn in Ros - 30 myl

It hath manie branches that fal in on both syds.

first Alt lena slattoch on the north syd, ther is on that syd a hele [?] beneth lochen Stromannach with a burn fra it then Alt very Gewiss and dyvers more before you cum to the mouth of Aynick a good river on that same syd which hath seats and towns upon it Lienach, Alt na Gurie and Achnagullan 3 myl above the mouth therof beneth it is Esbulg and Rinastrone at the mouth of it.

[It is reconed to be 24 or 25 myl beuix Kincarn kirk beneth Innercharron and Loch Bruyne on the west sea, the string way up the water of Okell twa myl and then out throw the monthis.
Betuix Ardbrek in Assyn and Innercharron is 30 myls the way is up the river Okell 7 myl then throw the hills.
Betuix Scormyvar and Tayn is cownted 30 myles.]

The draught of Charrown runs weal neer straight fra W.N to E.S.E. and the mouth bendeth norderlie to the ferry.

Seats on it ar Achnagonen and Carnowaig, Latyr, Meulach, Badechaille, Scuddachal 9 myl and 1/2 above Innercharrown then followeth Langol ocra a myl and a half from Scuddachal then is Langol meanach 1/2 myl then fra it Langol icra 1/2 myl, al on the north syd.

Above them on the north syd and half a myl above mouth of ainick is Amad Heglis and a quarter above it Amad Tua
Innercharron is at the mouth on the west syd.
Betuix Innercharron and the lowest Langol is Knokin Arrow and then Siol

On the southsyd of the river Charron is Layd Clamorig, above it Donmalareme. then Gair or Grunords icra and ocra. a long myl above them fals in Alt Caillevie. Seats on the river following up ar Kreigstraven, Mairloch, Laid-Bo, Meal na Borin, Loub Varar, Meal nan-rinag, Diroch, Loub Choyl, Glashlayg.

All the draught above Caille-vie is called the forrest of friewater, and that part of the river hath first from the springs down six myl Glen beg, then Glen-moir.

Now to go from Innercharron west up the ferry, the way to Straokell is Carbsdail on the ferry syd, a long myl string way but the bending of the ferry maketh the jorney a great deall longer. Above Carbsdaill is Tyninnour 2 myl, then is above it Achnagart 2 myl, nixt is Kilmachalmag a kirk 1 myl and 1/2. Above it 1/4 is Achinahowach, and 1/4 above it Ochtow. heir the sea endeth and here is the mouth of Okel.

It is betuix Ochtow and Carbsdaill 7 myl down the ferry saill [?]

The way alongs the ferry syd fra Innercharron to Tayn is thus Kincarn kirk a myl, Faern Ocra 2 myl, Faern Meanach 1/2 myl ,Faern Icra 1 myl (Alt Faern cums in betuix them 6 myl long). Dun-Alliskaeg 1/2 myl fra the former. therfra Dounie-vastra 2 m. Ardmore 1 m. Dallash beg from it 1/4 myl. therfra is Dallash moir 1/4 m. therfra to Balinich I/4 m . followeth Edderdin with a kirk and a burn 1/2 myl fra it. Nixt is Cammizcurrie ovir 1/4 m. and Cammizcurrie nether 1/4 m. fra it standeth Tarlogr 1/4 m. beneth it is Merinshie half a myl down, and last is Tayn a myl fra the last.

So from Innercharroun to Tayn is 11 myl and a half

Stra Okel cumeth no furdir doun then the mouth of the river Okel. fol1owing up the river, nixt above Ochtow, on the southsyd first is Brae, a myl above Ochtow. Above it a myl is Amad. 2 myl above it is Keurny, above that half a myl is Cragy. upon the north syd, six myl above the mouth is Kean-loch-ailsh, beneth it a myl and a half is Turnaeg ocr, beneth it half a myl Turnaeg icr. Tua myl beneth it, is Tuym-tim-tervach and followeth a quarter myl therfra Knoken with a kirk, beneth that a myl and a half is the mouth of Chassil river whiche devydeth Ros from Sutherland.

Upon the Sutherland syd at the mouth is Innerchassill, and on the Ros syd therof up that river 2 myl is Glen-Chassil a seat, and 1/4 myl above it upon that same syd Glenmuick a seat.