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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

Strath Navern, Glenlyon, Of Braid-Allaban, Places about the head of Loch Erin

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Pagination: 130v-131r

Transcription of text:

All theis rivers wherewith the cowntrey is watered, ar exceedinglie stoored with fishes both of the sea and freshe water so that is the greatest and most marchantable commoditie of the whol cowntrey. great plentie of hyds ar caried from it also, both of cattall and of wild beasts specially daer

The Bay and river of Lasfoord in Ederachewlis is of lenth - 4 myl. the river of Durenish is 8 myl long, cuming out of Loch Dinart, the said loch is of a myl of lenth, and a quarter myl broad. The river of Hop in west-Moan of lenth thrie quarters of a myl, cuming from Loch Hop four myl long and a quarter broad. The river of Kintall or Kuntal of thrie myl of lenth coming from Loch Willadail of a myl long. The river of Torisdail six myles of lenth.

At the eastsyd of Ederachewlis, and at the westsyd of Durenish, betuix them is a small narrow headland shooting far out in the sea, dangerous for seamen called Pharo head. and heir the mayn land of Scotland beginneth to fall to the westward and southward, befor that still tending and looking to the north

[Mem. from Faro head to Chewles-cung and Assyn the coast of the maynland of Scotland crooks and bendeth south-south-west.]

South from Stranaverne in the hight of the Brae of Suthirland called Bra-Chatt is a loch called Loch-Shyn, sixteen myles of lenth and of a small breadth, the river cuming therfra is onlie thrie myles of lenth, and falleth in Charron on the northsyd therof a litle above Inner-Charron, the salmon killed in thir Loch ar the greatest and fayrest of all Scotland and none may compair with them for quantitie.

The lenth of all Strath-Naverne, is from Chewlis-Hung, (so named from Hung a Noble Dane) at Assyne to Drum-na-Hallowdale in the parochin of Rae in Cathnes 50 myles (sayth Th. Paip ) which is not far by, and 22 myl the greate breadth from Farr to Mowadill, avon na Heglise and Loch- Meaty and Loch Glastiloch, whiche is the headspring of the river, marching with Bra-Chatt, at Avon Terriff falling in Loch-Synn in Suthirland, but groweth ay narrower as it approacheth to Chewles-cung at Assyne.

first the north syd of the River Lyon
the burn of Innermuick 2 myl long cum out of Glenmuick
Kean-na-knock is the uppermost of the eastsyd of Glen-Lyon.
4 myle thence Ghealduy
Magerny is a myl thence, a tour with a small burn, it is Glenlyons dwelling.
3 myl thence Inner-Muick.
3 myl thence Brakky with alt Bracky 2 myl long.
1/2 myl thence Kreig-eemy, hard by Slatich, then 1 myl to Ruskich.
1/2 myl thence Innervar with a burn 3 myl long.
Hard by is Cairn-Bain sumtym the principal dwelling of Glen-lyon
A myl thence Sestel with a small burn.
On the southsyd.
first is Aldagob 3 myl long, just aganis Sestell. it falleth out of Bennen, and Bhellach-nacht a cory upon the north syd of Bin Lawers.
2 myl thence is Dirigams.
a myl thence Inneringneon with a burn 4 myl long falling from Corybuy out of Binlawers.
A myl thence Rorow with a burn, whilk fals from Larig Lochen at the head of Loch-Tay and is 4 myl long.
Hard by Rorow is Balemouling.
Hard upon the west syd of the former burn is Balvahannord.
Hard by Balemeanach with a burn 4 myl long cumming out of sheal and Corynaherroshet, falling as the former from the month betuix that and Killyn.
A myl thence Kreig-Elich.
A myl thence Balna-heglis with the kirk of Brennow
Hard by is Kendrochart, hard upon Balemoulin, with a burn 4 myl long falling out of Kaillach Rannach, betuix Glenlyon and Glenlochy in Braid Albane.
Half a myl thence Dalrioch moir, 2 myl from the former with a smal burn.
Glenlyon is about 7 myl broad, the broadest part is betuix the kirk of Brennow on the north and the kirk of Killyn on the south.
Item a firr wood betuix Dalmoir and Balemoulin calld Leak-gaur, it is 3 myl long and a myl broad.

Item Kreach na Keir, a wood of firr 2 myl long, and as much broad with a great Glen, and a burn 4 myl long cald Connait cuming out of Loch Daw 2 myl long and Loch ghyr 1 myl long, the burn betuix thir 2 lochs being 2 myl long. Tonaig-Etera-loch.

Item Glendaw 2 myl long with a burn falling in Loch Daw.
Avon Daw cums out of Mealbuy betuix Rennach and Bra-glen-lyon.
Item upon the north syd of Glen-lyon, Grinen-dair-dyr, a hie steep hill.

Coryes and Sheels in Glen-Lyon

The westmost part of all Glenlyon 3 m. be west Carnedruym is the marche betuix Glenlyon and the cowntrey of Glen-wrquhay. first thair is Lhon na choill, a myl be est that Tomchewrin a sheal. A myl be west Loch lyon is Lowbin a sheell.

Item Loch lyon 3 myl long, the water of Lochlyon is cald Finnalair beg. upon the north of Cory-cheech. Nixt within a myl is Bin-teaskernich upon the east syd of Corycheech.

It is but a myl betuix the Carne-Druym and the head of Loch-Lyon.
Item upon the north syd of Bra-Lyon, betuix it and Loch Rennach the first is glen-caillich 3 m long falling in Lyon, the water falling throw thir glen is called Mearan.
2 myl more east is Cory-hewnan with a burn 2 myl long running throch it called Quollow-eeran.
A myl thence is Estinanoion, a glen and a sheel running out of Cory-na-naion upon the north syd of Loch lyon.
Leac-vannah a sheal, a very fair pruce [?] of 2 myl long, the sheel therof is called Bat-cherk.
3 m thence Innermearan a sheel
A myl more eastward Cory-Chrevy and hard by Pubble-fern.
A myl thence Coulsowble with a burn 2 myl long, falling out of a smal loch called Lochen Loisken. al thir on the north of Glenlyon.
Upon the southsyd of Lyon within 2 myl of Finnalan beg is Druymbe with a burn 2 myl long cuming out of Bhellach na-hetaig marching with Glen Lochay.
Glen Lyon
A myl thence Cashill na clach moir, 1 myl therfra Dalchierlich and a myl therfra is Cory-lomshich with Birk wood, with Craig vaddy a stay craig hard by it upon the east therof,
Be east that hard by Chreigen Tulliveen verie high hills. Item Bhellach na hetaig with Lairg na Lhowin hard on the south syd therof marchis with Glen dochart.
Item Finnylan-moir upon the north syd of Corycheich marchis with the lands of Stra-if or Strafillen
Glack-wyir upon the north syd of Bin Lawer
Finglen marchis with the east syd of Bin Lawer
Cory-reochy marchis with the east syd of Finnelan
Item upon the north of Bin-lawer is Cory-cloich, with a small rownd Loch on the top of Lawer.
Item upon the south west syd of Bin-lawer in Broad Albane syd is Cory-muckie. Half a myl more east is More-inch.
Cory-verawalt is be east the former, hard by Cory-chary.
Be east that 3 m. above the place of Lawers is Loch na gatt, most difficill for hie and steep rocks.
the burn of Lawers cums out of L. na gat falling be the east syd of the place of Lawers.

Of Braid-Allaban
From Stron Combre to the head of Loch Tay 14 m.
From the Lochhead just east and west to Strafillan 12 myl but in June 1644 the Laird of Glen-wrquha cownted it me but 9 viz. 6 to Loch Dochar and 3 to Strafillan therfra
From Strafillan just west 4 myl to Aryveen, a seat in Bra Glen-wrquha, and the marche betuix Glenurchay and Braid Albyn.
Braid Albyn is 30 myl long from east to west and the breadth betuix Dalrioch in Glenlyon and Larig-kylle in Bawhidder is 10 myl from south to north.
Baquhidder upon all parts lyeth betuix Braid Albyn and the Lennox.
Item Trow-gartnay betuix Baquhidder and Kilmahug in Monteeth.
Item Stra-gartnay.
Betuix Carne Druyme and Badenoch is the month called Drum-Allabyn.

Item the water falling in Loch Dochart is 10 myl long, 10 to the brae of Glen-wrquhay. thir waters head is at the bra of Glen-Wrquhay. it is 4 myl southwestward therfra to the brae of Glenfallach, 5 myl long or it fall in Loch loymm

Item Glenstree 5 myl long with a seat called Chasell in it. ther is also in it Stron-Miallachan
Item Glen-no 3 myl betuix it and Glenstree. Glenno burn fals in Loch- glen-etif
Glen-Kendglash 4 myl long.

Places about the head of Loch Erin
Na Keandmoir with a hous on it.
It is 3 myl betuix Kean-loch erin and Kean Loch Tay, but Glenwrchy reconed it to me to be 9. others cal it 7. that grownd is called Lairg-Kille.
Ther is also Glen-Ogle with Ogle burne, a myl from it is Glen- Keandrum, with the water of Glenkeandrum 3 myl long falling in Loch-Erin.
3 myl hence Larig Eyrenach 3 myl long.

Distance betuix Loch-Erin and Glendochart is 5 myl of month, 2 myl thence is Glen-crow, with a water 3 myl long. 2 myl thence Glen-monochill and 4 m. thence is Loch Seul 2 myl long with ane yle in it. Item a quarter myl thence is Loch Leyn. Item Glen-Loch-Larig 4 myl long marching almost to ylen Loch-Dochart, at the head of thir is the hill Cory-Arban. hard by Cory-Owly with many deer and rae, nixt that is Bin-moirs whose mouth and skirts distinguisheth Glen Dochart from the head of Forth and Brae-Glen-Falacht