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Strath Navern

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Pagination: 129v-130r


The sentences beginning with "Item betuix Wm Mackyes hous of Balnakile..." to "...24 long myles" appear on Pont 2 back. Several of the distances following these sentences also appear on Pont 2 front.

Transcription of text:

Strath Navern
This cowntrey conteyneth in lenth 50 myles encluding in Etir-a- Chewles as a part of it, the breadth of it is 22 myles.

It toucheth at the East Catnes all alongst, upon the west is Assyn at the south is Suthirland, and the great open sea upon the north.

It taketh the name from the river Naverne (otherways cald the water of Farr), whiche is the principal river, of lenth 14 myles cuming from a loch cald also Loch Navern, abundant in fishing beyond al the rest of the cowntrey, thir river (as al the rest also hath thir cours alongst from the south to the north.

The loch of Navern is of lenth 5 myles, and of breadth sumtyms half a myl sumtyms a quarter

Al the laboured grownd lyeth either upon the seasyd or upon the draught of sum river or other wherby they ar excellentlie served both of fresche water and sea fishes.

Thir Province is devyded as followeth. first Etyr-a-Chewles separat westward from Assyn, nixt to that east therof is Durenish. more to the east followeth West-Moan then Kuntail, wherein is the lord therof dwelling called Tung. Eastward from it is that part which is cald Strath- naver therby understanding a parcel of the cowntrey not the whol. the last is HaIlowdail marching with Catnes.

Thir cowntrey is exceedinglie weel stoored with fishes both from the sea and its own rivers, as also of deer, roe, and dyvers kynds of wild beasts, specially heir never lack wolves, more than ar expedient. it is weel stoored with wood also, by transporting whereof, manic are served of victuall and cornis from Catnes.,wherin grow abound ance of cornis, but indigent of wood.

In Durenish, at the eastsyd therof upon the sea coast, is a great rock, and therein a great hollow cave. In the said cave a freshe pond of great deep, wherein are taken manie trowts and another fische called a Cudding, in summer it is stoored with grass and cattell ar fed theron, but in winter at high tydes it is filled with salt water, above it are thrie openings throw one wherof runs a spring of water, whilk mantyning still the said fresh pond and fishes therin.

In the part called Strathnaverne is the river of Strathie, it runneth shallow, so that men ar able to wade therin, following the salmond cobills and helping the killing of the fishe, but howsum the water is trowbled be men or beasts, the wholl fishing is spoyld and the fishes go away for that tyme

Strathnaverne at the west is devyded from Assyne be ane inlet of the sea, and a smal river at the head therof, thir bay is called Chewlis-cung, having dyvers woddie Ilands in it. strangers and uthiris who cum often ther to fishe for herrin, do call it Glendow.

Ther are manie smal ylands alongst the coast, and in theis bays whiche the sea maketh, whiche are inhabited partlie be the cowntrie people, partly be straungers who ar drawne thither be the commoditie of fishing wherof great quantitie is taken and transported.

[Item betuix Wm Mackyes hous of Balnakile and Sandwait seat at Keanloch-gareron in Edera-Chewlis it is 8 myl. Item betuix Loch gareron and Lusfoord 7 myl. Item betuix Lusford and Skaury-moir 4 myl.

Betuix Farr and Mowadill whilk marcheth with the bownds of Bra-Chatt and Loch Synn it is 24 long myles.
Loch Meady is 4 myl long.
4 myl betuixt Strathy and Strathy head cald Row Racha. betuix Armiddale and Strathy ar 3 myl.
betuix Strathy and Hallowdail is 3 myl.
Hallowdail river is 17 myl longt
Strathy river is 16 myl.long.
Armidil River is 7 myl long.
It is 3 myl from Mowadyl to the head of Navern, flowing from Dyrry- chatt
Loch Navern 5 myl long.
Loch Kuntail 5 myl long.
Loch Howp 7 myl long.
Strathy, Port Skerry -3 myl.
Far, Strathy - 8 m.
Far, Tung 8 m.
Port Skerry, Rae. 4 m.
Ferso, Tung -32 m.]