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Stor-month fra Mr. D. Drummonds papers

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Pagination: 134v-135r

Transcription of text:

Stor-month fra Mr. D. Drummonds papers
Stormonth is devyded be the river of Tay in two parts viz West and East Stormonths. West Stormonth hath in lenth 10 myls in breadth 9 myles.

West Stormonth hath 5 paroch kirks viz. Logy Almond, Litle Dunkeld, Ochtyr-Gevyn, Loncartie and Kinclevin, and it is bordered on the west with the mowntaynes whiche go to Stra-brane [and with a part of Athoil]. Upon the south it is bordered with the river Tay and Almond [whilk devyd it fra Angus and from the Lordship of Meth-ven], and upon the north and East it is circuit with the said river.

Auncient dwellings therein ar Kinclevin of old ane dwelling of the Kings, standing upon the eastsyd of Stormonth at the meeting of Tay and Yla. followeth Logy Almonth in the west parts therof standing upon Almond river, pertyning to the Earles of Erroll, high Constabil of Scotland, whilk office with thir lands and manie wthir lands he obtayned at the battell of Loncartie. Straord a hous perteyning to the Crichtoun, Arne-Tully perteyning to the Stewarts of Arne-Tullie. Murthlie now pertyning to the Stewarts of Gardin Tully. Ochter-gavyn pertyneth to the surname Ireland gevin to stevin of Ireland in Wallace his tyme, to the Lard of Loncartie called Petscottie of smal rent. Inchtruvyie [?] and Mukersie perteyning to the Narnis. Innernytie sumtym the Crichtouns land now to Hay late Chancelor of Scotland.

Ther wer another great victorie had aganis the Dains in Storrnonth, besyd Almonth anent the old citie Bertha.

East Stormonth hath 10 myles of lenth and 7 of breadth, on the west it joyneth with Dunkeld, a bishops seat, and with Athoil. Upon the north with river of Ardill whil the said river fal in Yla, upon the south [and east] with the river Yla. It hath 6 paroch kirks viz. Kepet, Lethyndie, Cluny, Lundief, Blair, Benochy. It hath 9 Lochis of fresh water, all weall stoared with varietie of fishes, viz. thrie lochis of Carynyies, the loch of Cluny which hath ane Iland and a good dwelling therin pertyning to the lard of Lethyndie, Loch of Kynloch, the Rayloch perteyning to the lard of Ard-blair, the whyt Loch, the twa lochis of Blair in Gowray.

The principall dwellings ar Inch-Tuthill pertyning now to Ogilvie of Inchemartyne. Lethindie pertyning to the Herings with Glas-cluny ane uthir dwelling of his also. Monclour cald Merser, Gormock cald Buttir, Drumlochy cald Chalmer, Ardblair cald Blair, Arne-Tullie cald Stuart whair ar the ruyns of a hunting hall of King Robert the first of the Stuarts. Gourdy cald Hay, Newtoun of Blair cald Drummond, Litle Bar cald Hering, Wester and Midle Gormocks cald Hering, Ovir and nethir Fornochts cald Hering.

Both thir Stormonths ar within the Sherifdome of Perth and thair thrids are of the abacy of Scone and provostrie of Methven

Upon the northsyd both the Stor-months ar bordered with the waters of Ardil and Yla, whilk devydeth them on the north from the forrest of Elit and on the East and south fra Angus.

Both the Stormonths have pleasant fields for halking and hunting, they ar also fertill of all sorts of cornis, and bestiall in abowndance but the East Stormonth is the better of the twa, having abowndance of salmond fishing as namelie at a place cald the Keth, and at Campsy.