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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

Ard-meanach, Seats betuix Stra-Arkeg and Inner-ness,Seats in Abir-Tarff, Seats in Stra-Arkegg

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Pagination: 126v-127r

Transcription of text:

Logy-wreid a toun and a kirk upon the river of Connel. Acha-chrock a myle above it and nearer to Beauliew. 3 myl thence Ferberin tour. from Achachraisk a myl Bewlie. Above Bewlie a myl Ruyendown. a myl above Beauly upon the water of Ferror, Kilteglon hard by Altyr. Item Logy-wreid the first seat in Ard-Meanach. Item the ferry ovir Connel river. Item Kinkel Icrach. Kinkel meanach a tour, and Kinkell ocrach every one of thir thrie a myl distant from uthir. Item 4 or 5 half salt water, half freshe water inshis in the river Connel with great cruifs called cory na gold, and a corfhous in ane of the said inchis. 2 myl eastward from Kinkel Icrach is Alt Kaig with a burne. Half a myl eastward Kulbeky. half a myl thence Wrquhart with a kirk. Half a myl thence Kulbeachy. Half a myl thence Mulchaich with a wood. half a myl therfra Findoun beg. 1/2 my1 thence Findown moir. 1/2 myl thence Langreid. 2 myl thence Kilmartyn with a kirk. half myl thence Drumwhiddin. 1/2 myl therfra Cullecuddin with a kirk. 1/2 myl thence Craighous with a tour of 4 hous height. 2 myl from Kilmartyn southward Bra-beg. hard by Bra-moir with a fair wood of thrie myl long. A myl be east Bra beg is Ruysoles, beneth that upon the litle loch port set[?] . heir is a litle burne falling in thir Gherloch cuming from the wood of Bra-moir it is 2 myl long and a half with deer in it. a myl be east poirt is Langol, item Bra-langol a myl above the uthir, the muir betuix thir and the Chanrie is called Mulbuy. be east Langol 2 myl Balinach, a myl from the sea. from Langol to Bannan ocrach it is 3 my1. a myl thence Bannan ocrach a myl thence Bannan icrach. heir is the den-mil upon a burn at Bannan Icrach. Half a myl thence Cromarty with a town and a castell. 3 myl thence towards Chanrie is Craig upon the sea, a myl thence Navetie, a myl thence Laerny with a good burn, a myl thence Kinok, a myl thence Kinaird, a myl thence Rose-marky with a burne, a myle thence Chanrie. Item the Chanrie-ness. Item Easter Reder a myl fra Ros-marky, Wester Redery a myl. Item the former. twa myl be south that Killanduy. Half a myle above the Chanrie, Platcok. 2 myl thence Avach with a burne. a myle above on the burne Haddoch. Half a myl Arcanbuff upon the head of the burne. A myl thence Suddie moir with a kirk on the burne head, a myl therfra Suddie Beg. Half a myl Pitfeur with a denn mill. Item a myl from Aach on the sea syd Muir-ailhous, a myl thence Casteltoun with the ruynes of a castel cald the castell of Ormond, whiche hath gevin styles to sindrie Earls and last to the princes of Scotland. Upon the west syd therof cumeth in the salt loch of Munlochy togithir with a great coave fornent Bennets-field. it goeth up twa myl, with the breadth of half a myle at the mouth and a good haven for shippes. Half a myl up Munlochy is Bennets or Binnage-field. upon the head of the bay is Munlochy (which giveth the name to it) with a great burne, a myle therfra upon the west southwest syd is Sligach, a myle thence on the sea is Kilmorie with a kirk. Half a myl above Pitlundie. Hard by Dreynie. 1 myl thence Easter Kessak a myl thence Wester Kessak. Half a myl thence Artafalie. 1/4 myl thence Pulgormak, 1 myl thence Coul icrach 1/2 myl thence Coul-ocrach 1/2 myl thence Baleknok, 1/2 myl thence Castel Riwy. Item St Andrews chappell whair ther is a faire about Lammes. Half a myl from the castell is Kirewran with a paroch kirk. 2 myl thence Tarradil, with the old castel of Tarradill, a myl thence is Kil-Christ with a kirk. 2 myl thence Achachroisk with manie ancient monuments betuix. A myl thence is Beawlie. A myl from Castel-Ruy is Culcowye castel. 1/2 myl thence is Balnew. 2 myl be east Balnew is Alloinrence or of the hather. 1/4 myl therfra Alloin-na-clach, half a myl thence Allon-aspick. 2 myl be east that Moritoun a myl east therfra is Drum-na marg. a myl eastward Auchter anchle.

In Strafeor is Knok-Formol Fin-Mac-coul his castel.
Nixt Strafeor is Fern-Donel upon the edge of the firth.
Glenskiach in Ferndonel.
Alt Gran cumeth out of Loch Glash at Bin-weves, it is most deep, and obscur as any in al Scotland.
Baknay castel sumtym Mac Conils, betuix avon Skiach and AIt-Gran.
Item Knok-wieresh.
Meal-Greish upon Alt-Gran.
Aan river cumeth out of Loch Moran 3 myl long.

Seats betuix Stra-Arkeg and Inner-ness.

Nixt Irchet in Stra-Arkeg, is Druymmyn. a myl be east that is Durris hard on Loch-Ness with a paroch kirk, half a myl therfra Balin chappell, a quarter myl thence Balewlan, 1/4 myl thence Achintenga 1/4 myl thence Kuchaille. 1/4 thence Shen-wall. 1/4 thence Coulyard ocrach 1/4 thence Knak-franga. 1/4 thence Coulyard icrach. 1/2 myl therfra the castell of Borland 1 myl thence Torbrek. 1/2 myl thence Howm upon the water of Ness with a burn cald the burn of Howm. 2 myl almost and be south that Essich. Hard by it Bale-Robert upon the burn of Essich. Item a myl above Howm is Knok-na-giall. 1 myl thence Coul-Dowell within 2 myl to Inverness and marcheth with Petty.

Seats in Abir-Tarff
Upon the water of Tarf is Borlam with the old castell, therfra on the south syd of Tarf, a quarter myl is Airdoch. I/4 thence Glendo moir 1/2 thence Glendo-Beg with Alt-Do, ane wglie burne falling in Loch-ness 2 myl be east Terrif, half a myl from Glendo-Beg is Mourvalgan upon the said burne of Do

Seats in Stra-Arkegg
The marche betuix Abirtarf and Stra-Arkeg ar the hils of Suy- chumman twa myll from Glendo running from east to west. from Glendo a myl is Lochen Terif with ane yle at the west end of it. 3 myl be east Glendo is Knocki with a loch of twa myl long having a stryp passing to Lochness. [Item Achnasoul in Stra-Arkeg] Hard upon the west of Knocki is the hill of Bin-vacky with sum ew tries growing among uthir trees upon it (as some alladges). A myl and a half be east Knocki is Dal-na-gappull, upon the east syd of the water of Brenaig five myle from Loch-ness, thir Brenaig enters in Faech-loyn upon the west syd therof, a myl be east Dalnakappul is Dun-Turket. upon the east bank of Faech-loyn 2 myl therfra is Drum-nymnoir. Item Noer-beg 2 myl north from it upon Lochness. 3 myl be east it Faechloyn river entreth in Lochness. 3 myl be east Noer-beg is Kinwonnowy . 3 myl south therfra is Gairt moir upon the wester end of Loch-gairt, 2 myl long, 1 myl broad, thir burn cuming from it falleth in Avon Arkeg. 2 myl be east gairt moir is Megevy upon the north syd of Loch Gairt. 2 myl be east that Aubir-Challadyr-moir, half a myl thence Aubir-Challadyr-beg, upon the burn that falleth in Loch Gairt. 1 myl thence Garteleck upon the north syd of the said loch. 1 myl thence upon the east end of Loch Gairt is Farelin with Loch Farelin. Item upon the mouth of Faech-loyn upon the westsyd therof is Fayir, 6 myl be west Farelin. Item a myl be east is Bowlesken with a kirk. Item a myl be east that Balechernoch Beg and moir hard upon Lochness. Item Layd-Chroin is 2 myl be east the former. thess thrie ar upon the west syd of avon-Arkeg. 1 myl thence Bin-Chrowbin upon the east syd of Arkeg. 1/2 myl thence neerer Arkeg is Duniche. 1/2 myl thence upon Arkeg is Abir-Esky. 1 myl thence Yrwy. 3 myl thence Achinnabat upon the west end of Loch-na-shy. thir loch is 2 myl long and one of broad with ane yle in it. A long myl be east Dunicha is Rowyn with Loch Rowyn, 2 myl long and 1 broad, with ane yle and a hous in it. thir Loch falleth in Avon Arkeg and Farelin also. Item north from Ach-na-bat a myl upon Lochness is Yrchet. Rowyn seat is upon the west end of Loch Rowyn.