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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

Connel or Connen River, Stra-farror

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Pagination: 125v-126r


This text arguably forms the main basis for Gordon 21.

Transcription of text:

Connel or Connen River
Thir river rysing out of the hils of the inlands of Ros falleth in the firth of Cromartie sum myl of grownd be south Dingwell.

The uppermost glen upon the head of it is cald Glen-Wiaig, ther the river springeth out of the hie hill of Barnis. Avon Glen-Wiaig runneth in Loch-Beanchar, the Loch is 3 myl long with ane yle in it. Nixt that is Glen-Stra -Bran down beneth the former cuming out of Loch Luychert, whilk is 3 myl long. Item 7 myl above that Loch-Krowye. Item a myl above that Loch Achrosk. Item the high hill hard by cald Bean-shyr-layd. The high hill of Bhearnish with the haughis and rank [?] therof is 20 vulgar myles from Dingwell. Glen-stra-Bran is 7 myl long, betuix Kean Loch-Luychart and Kean- Loch-Chrosk. ther ar upon the northsyd of Loch Luychart twa small inches of fresh water betuix or the said Loch fannich being six myl long falleth in the river of Connel.

Loch Monery is midway betuix the great hill of Avarig and Browlyn.
Item Skurnagonery in Kintail, half a myl thence Skeal-na-mownan (or gushing and pissing hils) Beneth that a myl Whoying (in English the yoak), a high hill and Cory-Whoying. Item the hils of Tol-na-mewlich. Besyd is avon Riochar cuming out of Mony-Riochar. Item the hie hils upon Loch Fannich ar Beanderawen upon the south, upon the north therof is Mealanchoich. ther is also upon the north therof Bellach-Kresky. Item Karrockinn. Thrie myl thence upon the head of Fannich is Schron-Duf-Glash. Item 3 myl north from this is Bindearg-garorain with Loch Gorarain. Item Strahendyrry with Avon Dyrry which river cumeth out of Bin-Dearg. Item the water of Strahendyrry is called Dow-whillaig (or the water of flyes) it is commonlie called avon Garera, it entereth in Connel 3 myl above Kil-dun. Item Loch Kildun 3 myl long, whilk cumeth also into Connel. Muybeg Muig is the greatest glen and branch of Connel, the water therof cumeth out of Loch Bannachar so that Connel is called the water of Muig unto Strabran, whilk is Connel. Item ther is Loch Bran upon the head of Strathbran. Item Stravaich with Avon Vaich and Loch Tolmuck cuming out of Mealdnachoich. Thir Stravaich is 5 myl long it entereth upon the north syd of Connel, twa myl beneth the water of Strabran.

Item a myl beneth that on the north syd of Connel is Stra-Rennach. Avon Rennach is 3 myl long falling out of loch Rennach. Item Glenavaryn with Avon Fervaryn 10 myl long, with Loch na Whoying 3 myl long cuming out of Ban-Whoyng, it entereth on the south syd of Connell, a myl above the cobil whair we cum ovir.

Item Loch owsie with ane yle and a hous in it,is a myl long and 2 myl distant from Dingwell. Item Knock-Fermoil a great work and ruynes of Fin-Mack-Coul, upon a shoyr hil top, having a gallant prospect, into the rich and fertil valley of Stra-feor, it is a myl distant from Dingwell. Item avon Feor is 3 myl long and cumeth out of the edge of mowntayne Bin-wevesh. Item Dingwell toun and castel upon the south cheek therof.

This is the draught of the river above Lovat & Beaulieu
Upon the bra of Glen Strafarror is inche-Muylt, 2 myl thence Inche- Loichart, these ar upon the syd of Mony-rioch

As yow cum out of the south part of Kintail is Loch Monery 4 myl long, it hath 3 or 4 smal lochis falling in it cald Ged-lochis

Betuix Kean-loch-monery, and Stru-i at the mouth of Ferrar ar 10 myl, it is betuix Glashletyr, and the said Kean-loch thrie myl of Hils called Tokkok running in drum betuix them

Item Longhart moir is the seat upon Kean-Loch-Monery. Item Bin-Shyres upon the south syd of Glas-letyr. Item hard by is the hil of Karnet. thess ar the hills of Glass-Letyr.

Item upon the northsyd of Loch-monery half a myl from the same is Luirg-moir, twa myl be west that towards Loch-Ailsh is Bin-Dronnaig. Item Skur-na-Gonnery. Item the hie hill of Bhearnish within twa myl of Luirg- moir. Item Maul-Chail-lemish a myl from Sturnaig

Item Kory-finnarach cumming from the said hill in Loch-Monery. Item 3 myl from Inner-loycherd is Ochirro, 3 myl thence is Struy, four myl above Struy is Loch-glen-strafarror with ane yle and a hous in it. Item avon Browlyn cumeth out of Loch Browlyn, a myl long, standing hard be the fut of Browlyn hills, thir water of Browlyn falleth in Ferrar at Inche-Mult. the said hils of Browlyn ar 8 myl above Struy.

[from Kildun to Beaulieu - 6 myl
from Dingwell to Kessach [?] cald 8 but is 10
from Dingwell to Chanrie - 8m but may be 10 myl]

The river afarig cumeth out of the great and high hill Skor na Kerrin which mowntayne is a common marche to Glen-elg-Kintail, Afarig, and Glash-letyr. Sum 4 or 5 myles northward from that river ryseth the river Cannay out of the litle loch Drommy. Avon Afarig goeth throch Finglen and Glen-grivy in two smal branches, and being joyned goeth down to Loch Afarig, sum 4 myl long. the hils of Afarig and the forrest of Afarig on the south hand, whiche lands pertayn to Chesholme of Straglass, cuming furth of the loch it goeth down sum 8 myles and taketh in the river of Cannay, at the kyrk of Combyr and Innercanney. then going furdir sum 3 myles, it taketh in the river Monar, both thir rivers on the north syd, and it looseth his name and is called Avon Glash, and the cowntrey adjoyning Stra-glassh. this name lasteth to it from the fall of Cannay in it to the fall of Monar at Strowy. fra that becumming a great river it runneth 7 myl furdir to Beaulie whair it goeth into the head of Murray firth and is called the last 7 myles Avon Farrar and the cowntrey Stra-Farrar. Mr Timothie Pont judgeth the name of all Murray firth to cum from the name of thir fair river, being called be the Romans and Ptolomie Varar astus. for thir river shutteth up the whol firth from Buquhan-ness, no les then four scoir myles long, he judgeth also the name of Murray it self to cum heirfrom, and nether is the one or the uthir any unlicklie conjectur.