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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

Aird, Urwhodin

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Pagination: 124v-125r


Several of these placenames and this area are shown on Pont 4 front.

Transcription of text:

Seats in Aird. Fanilan upon the water of Downy. 2 myl thence Downy or Beaufort castell, a myl thence Bealladrum, a myl thence Dounballach, a myl thence Lowed, a myl from Loved is Knokinomori, half a myl thence Fumesk, haf a myl thence Greame on the sea cost, a myl thence Achinnagarn, a myl from Achinagarn Bonieg ocrach, half a myl thence Boniag icrach, a myl thence on the sea Drumchardeny. 2 myl thence Balna-heglish, a myl thence Bunchrew, ther ar the special seats in the Aird, except on the hight of Glen-conigh Heglishchoen, a myl thence Chulachie, a myl thence upward Clonbakky.

The burne of Downie or Bewfort is 3 myl long, the burne of Bruyok fals in the forsaid burn, thir last burn 2 myl long and cumeth from Loch Bruyok 2 myl long, thir loch hath ane yle in it at the upper end, with the grownd of ane hous in it, towards the west the seats of Alt Downie ar reckoned befor

In Bra Urwhodin, 3 myl from Geusachan in Strath-glasse is Cory-mony, a myl thence Agely, 1 myl from that Scoggely, a myl therfra Ladety. 4 myl from thence Pitchorrell. 2 myl therfra Bale-mackaen, a myl thence Diveack. Upon the south syd of the water of Kayiltie, a myl be south the former is Borlam, a myl thence Kilmore with the kirk. A myl fra that Stron-chastell, with the castal of Wrquhart very fair, sumtyms perteyning to the Lords of the Yles, and build be them as is alledged very fair in situation. Item upon the north syd of the water of Wrhodyn ar thes following, is the Chappell upon Loch-ness syd, a myl thence Druymbuy,2 myl thence Achachourny. half a myl therfra Achachourny. half a myl thence Koul-na-kerk, half a myl therfra Gartale, a myl therfra Achintaembrack or fold of clavers, a myle therfra Dowleshy, a myl fra that is Micklie icrach, a myl from it is Micklie ocrach with a freshe water Loch two myl of lenth cald Loch Micklie. Item Lochen Ruddich the litle as we pas from Wrquhodin to Invernes the hie way.