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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

Loch Carrown upon the west sea, Glen-morisden and the marchis of the bordering Lands

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Pagination: 123v-124r


Several of these placenames and this area are shown on Pont 4 front.

Transcription of text:

Loch Carrown upon the west sea
Imprimis upon Loch-Ailch on the cheek of the mouth of Loch Carrown is Loch Wanen. 3 myl thence upon the southeast syd of Loch Carrown is Achawanie. 3 myl thence upon the syd of Loch Carrown is Atadil moir. Half a myl thence Atadil beg, a myl from that is Achanty. the sea floweth no furdir up in Loch Carrown, and heir is the mouth of Avon Carrown. thir river is ten myl long, it hath Lochinbary, in Glengeisachan a myl upper more upon the south and Loch Scamen falling down from Auchinashilach, Loch Scamen a myl long, with an yle and a hous in the midst of it. from Achanty 3 myl up on the southsyd of Carrown is Cory-nachtie. 3 myl thence Baln-lair. 2 myl thence Auchinashillach. Upon the northsyd of Loch Carrown 3 myl thence Dalmartyne. A myl thence Loch Dowill 2 myl long streaching betuix Achanashilach and Dalmartyne, and 2 myl broad with ane inche

From Dalmartin 3 myl upon the sea of Loch Carrown agayn Edira- Charrin. a myl thence Rivowchan upon the northsyd of Loch Carrown heir is avon Rivowachan 2 myl long cuming out of Glenowchan. Half a myl thence Achachuil. Half a myl thence Bracklach. A myl thence Clachan Mulruy with a kirk and a town, nixt Mulruy half a myl from it is Down. a myl thence Lundy, a myl thence Stanoim, a myl thence the castel Strome. Loch Carrown is 2 myl broad fornents Achavanie, but uppermore in the land it is 4,5,6,or 7 myl broad. The cowntrey of Loch Carrown is 18 myl of lenth from Achinashelach at the nordeast to Strome castell at the south west it is 8 myl broad.

[It is 4 myl betuix Kean Loch Carrown and Rossoll and 3 myl more to the kirk of Combrich.]

Ther ar two great michtie mowntayns within 4 myl to Achinashelach the on calid Barranis, the uthir called the hills of Bin-laid-Gour and Bin-glen-laid-Gour.

Glen-morisden and the marchis of the bordering Lands
The burn called Alt Bealadrum 4 myl long, cuming down from Glen connel in Bra-Urchadyn. the seats on it specified in Aird also.

The burne of Bomag 4 myl long coming out of the month called the Caploch at Bra-Urchadin, the seats therof specified in the Aird.

Tuo myl from the said burn is the burn of Balnaheglise, 3 myl long, ther ar 5 seats on it, it cumeth out of the month of Caploch. Nixt it a short burne cald Bunchrew 3 seats upon it mentioned in the Aird.

The Bra of Glenmorisden besyd Corygaen is the march betuix Glengarrif and Glenmorisden It is 6 myl betuix the head of Glenmorisden and Moni-riach

Glen-loyne is march betuix Glengarriff and Can-loch-owrin in Glenelg. It is 15 myl from Can-loch-owrin to Monie-riach al montayns and wood in Glenloyne, and steap hills.

Upon the northsyd of Glenloyne a row of hills called Moulchentirach
North betuix Kentail and Bra-Glenmorisden the Loch of Clunie 3 myl long and fals in the head of Glenmorisden water, the said Loch Clunie and Strath-Chluynie is march betuix Kintail and Glen morisden. Item the hills of Chluynie. ther is never a hous upon Chluynie but sheals and wood.

The march betuix Knodeort and Glen-eligh, or Glen-elg is the salt water loch called Loch Owrin, whilk is environned with black mowntayns and uglie ragged steep rocks with plentie of wood on both syds.

Upon the height of Glenmorisden water, upon the southwest syd therof is Doun-na-Whurr 2 myl thence beneth on the south west syde is Koynachan. upon the southwest syd also 2 myl beneth the former, and hard upon the water is Kresky. 2 myl thence Bla-errie upon the southwest. Inner-Buick a myl from the former with avon Buick, a myl thence Dundreiggan moir and beg, 2 myl thence Achanagonnyr. Item Innermorisden.