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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

In Stra Nairne in Murray, Seats in Pettye in Murray, Seats in Stra-Erin in Murray

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Pagination: 127v-128r


Most of the placenames for Strath Nairn and Petty are shown on Pont 8. Some of the names for the upper River Findhorn "Stra Erin" and this area are shown on Gordon 22.

Transcription of text:

In Stra Nairne in Murray
Drumminglash the first seat in Stra-narne within a myl Faerlin in StrathArkeg, 2 myl thence is Abir-ardour-moir. half 1 myl therfra Abirardour-beg. 2 myl thence on the southsyd of the water of Nairn is Tom-aken (or Melmet moat) Melmet is juniper). A myl thence Bruy-moir 1 myl thence Lechakely. 2 myl thence Far. a myl thence Inner-erny with the water of Erny. 1 myl thence Tor-darrach. 2 myl thence Lairg-ocrah. 1/2 a myl thence Lairg-Icrach 1 myl thence Cragy-beg. 1/2 myl thence Cragy- moir. 2 myl thence Coul-Dawich 1 myl thence Klawalg hard by is Kantra-down. 1/4 thence Kantra-Prish. 2 myl thence Budded. 2 myl thence Caddel castell, hard by auld Caddell, a quarter therfra Geddes, a myl thence Geddes chapel, a myl thence Kildrummuy. 2 myl thence ald Kilraag thence 2 myl Kilraag castel. A myl thence Home, a myl thence Kantra, a myl thence Kantra-nager 1 myl thence Honach. 1 myl thence Coul-Whinnaig. 2 myl thence Coul-clachy, a myl thence Devy-moir. half myl thence Devy-beg. half myl thence Fadaelly, half myl thence Gask, a myl thence Drumbuy. a myl thence Bonaeken. 3 myl thence Brum-beg. a myl thence Tullich and so endeth Stra-narn.

Seats in Pettye in Murray
Tua myl be east Innerness is Draky-beg. half a myl thence Draky-moir, with the burn of Draky betuix. 2 myl southeast from Innerness is Collodin, a myl therfra Alt-Terly, a myl thence Bony a myl thence Heglish-Colme-kill. a myl thence Balinescarr. 1 myl thence Daligill of thrie house hight. 2 myl thence Koninch. 2 myl thence Ard-na-Seya with a kirk. 2 myl eastward Delny wester, half a myl thence Delny-easter. 2 myl upward to the south Bracklich with the paroch kirk. 2 myl thence Croy with a kirk. a myl therfra westward Dacus, with a kirk. 2 myl be east that Cor-na-goen (or hil of bones) 1 myl thence Urlarust. 1 myl thence Coul with a kirk. 2 myl west fra that Dermet twa hous high, twa myl fra Dacus. a myl thence Bale-Choweltich, westward half a myl Bale-crey, half a myl west Cowlerny. it is a myl from it to Cowlodin, a myl be east Coulerny is Skattag, a myl be east that is Coul-Blair. a myl be east Flemingtoun. a myl thence loch-na-Claans where strangers have made manie trenches and forts. These are the 24 special seats in Petty.

[Loch-na-glawen or Clachan is 2 myl long. Petty is 10 myle long betuix Coulloddin and Delny-easter. ]
[It is 6 myl of month betuix the head of Stra-Erin and the head of Strnarne.
Clun in Strath-erin is from Rot in Badenoch 16 myl]

Seats in Stra-Erin in Murray

Imprimis is Cogna-shy (or the Elfs fyft part) Cogy-lewrach is from it half a myl. from that half a myl is Cogi-scallon. half a myl thence Cogywarn. half a myl therfra Dalmegawy. half a myl from that Dalomy. therfrom half a my1 is Inner-Mastrachan, with Avon Mastrachan cuming from Glen-Mastrachan 2 myl long. that burne entereth upon the north syd of Erin. half a myl from it is Cowlachy. a myl thence Bewnachar Mackay a myl therfra Bewnachar Mack-Hucheon a myl thence Stron-eym, a myl therfra Cory-vory. 2 myl thence upon the north syd of the water Moril Beg. 2 myl thence Raeg moir, a myl thence Raeg Beg. Upon the north Moril moir a myl from Moril Beg. 2 myl thence on the south syd of the river Cory-broich-moir half a myl thence Cory-broich-beg. a myl thence Pulocheg upon the north syd Rowin a myl from the former. a myl therfra Sleach, a myl from that Inner-Inn upon the water of Ald-na-kilie cuming out of Glen-na-moy. a myl thence Innerbruachag with Alt Bruachag. 2 myl thence Frei up fra the water northward, up in the month Muy-Beg, Ilan na Muy moir in Loch Muy twa myl long. a myl thence Tulloch-Mackerry. 2 myl above it towards the mouth is Ard-na-slanach. Item Lochin na clach skuilt a litle loch on the head of Stra Erin 3 mylles above Cogy-Shy, and 5 myl from Abyrchalladyr in Stra-Arkeg.