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Lochew and Letyr-ew

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Pagination: 119v-120r

Transcription of text:

Achanacand is 6 myl from Letery in Gherloch, no habitation but wood betuix them. 2 myl from the former Achaglenie with a good river cald Avon Aton it is 4 myl long and hath a fresch smal loch on the head cald Loch Achin-na-sheyn. 3 myl from Achanacand is Achinachene, 2 myl thence Achalusk on the north syd of Avon Con. A myl thence Achacroy, 2 myl thence Clachan-kean-loch-ew with a kirk situat on the mouth of avon Con. Upon this Loch ew do grow plentie of very fair firr, hollyn oak, elme, ashe, birk and quaking asp, most high, even, thick and great, al alongst this loch.

The fresch Loch of Ew, (wherin Avon Con runneth) is 12 myl long and 4 myl broad with 24 fair yles in it. 10 myl from the kirk forsaid is the seat of Ew upon avon Ew, it is 3 myl from the mouth of Loch ew, and the falling of Avon Ew in the sea.

[It is 7 myl of hils and desert betuix the head of avon Grunord and Loch Garavad neer the head of Letyr Ew.]

Ther ar great hils betuix Can-Loch-Ew and Loch Bruyne whereof the special is called Bin-Nedd verie plentifull and rich in deer. Item 2 myl from the seat of Ew is the seat of Inner-Ew the woods about Loch-Ew ar cald generally letyr-ew.

[Loch Grunord upon the north edge of Loch-Aw is 3 myl long and als much broad.]

Avon Brechack (8 myl of lenth) fals in the head of the fresche Loch Ew and the head of the said river marcheth with Strabran on the river Connan.

The salt Loch-ew is 7 myl long, and 3 myl wyd at sum parts and narrower at the mouth. Ships may sayl up to the kean-loch at Innerew, (al thir in the salt Loch,) wher is a proper Iland called Yland Ew, thir Loch is very commodiously seated for betuix the salt and the fresch loch, the river runneth scarss a myl, and in winter is portative for boats to bring them up to the freshe loch, ther ar manie salmond in the river, thir river Ew with Dochart, Menister Brochaig, Garriff fall in Loch-ew, by sum it is cald Loch Mulruy. thir fair loch is reported never to freze. it is compasd about with many fair and talle woods as any in al the west of Scotland, in sum parts with Hollyne, in sum places with fair and beautifull fyrrs of 60, 70, 80 feet of good and serviceable timmer for masts and raes, in other places ar great plentie of excellent great oaks, whair may be sawin out planks of 4 sumtyms 5 feet broad. All thir bownds is compasd and hemd in with many hils but theis beautifull to look on, thair skirts being al adorned with wood even to the brink of the loch for the most part.

[It is cownted but 12 myl betuix the kirk of Keanloch Breyin and the kirk of Kean-loch-Ew but is indeed 15 myle.
It is betuix the kirk of Loch Carrown and the kirk of Keanlochow 12 myle. 24 myle betuix it and the kirk of Contan, 24 m. betuix Keanlochew and Contan 24 m. betuix Keanlochbreyn and Contan]

Loch Bruyne or Wruyin
Four myl from Innerew is Grun-yeord seat. Ylen Grun-yeord in the sea. 2 myl thence Drum-na-chork, 3 myl thence Brecklach thir quarter is full of wood and steip hills. Hard on the sea bank at Brecklach falleth in the sea the water of Strabeg. upon it is the seat of Achglownachan, the water is 4 myl long. 2 myl from Brecklach is Larg upon the seasyd, 3 myl thence is Clachan-loch-Bruyne with a kirk upon Can-Loch-Bruyne, it hath avon Auchadren runing in the said Canloch, of the lenth 7 myl. a myl from the kirk upon the watersyd is Achalunachan 2 myl thence is Achadreynie. Item upon the watersyd of avon Achadren a myl from the former Achatiskeilly. A myle thence Ballewlair standing upon the mouth of the said water, hard upon Keanloch Bruyne. half a myl thence Innerlaen beg, with a burn cald Alt-Laen, half a myl thence Innerlaen moir hard on the salt water of Loch Bruyne

[Loch Bruyn is 10 myl long.]