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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

Ross and the parts thereof out [of] Mr Tim. Pont his paperis. Loch Kiserin, Loch Turretan

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Pagination: 118v-119r

Transcription of text:

Ross and the parts thereof out [of] Mr Tim. Pont his paperis.
Loch Kiserin, Loch Turretan

Loch Kiserin is 5 myl long, heir is a michtie hie hill cald the Strome. Above the castel of Strome 3 m. from the said castel is the seat of Kiserin upon the southeast syd of Loch Kiserin, 2 myl thence Achnatrad 2 myl Reshert, a myl thence at Keanloch Kiserin Reshert illie with Avon Reshert cuming out of Glen-Reshert.

Item in the Chambrich, Abirskaig, 12 myle from Reshert-ille Chombrich-Abrich, with a kirk cald Apil-corse, a myl thence Chombrich-Mulruy, ther is great deserts and wildernes with sundrie burnis and smal stryps and a row of mightie steep hills, very roch, craggy and wild in thir befor named space of 12 myles.

Item Row na Re is within 3 myl to Chombrich. 5 myl from Chombrich-mulruy very strait, steep, and rockie way, cuming in agayne upon the backsyd is Turretan, a sea salt loch calld Loch Turretan of 4 myl broad, and 5 myl long. Ther is a litle inche at Keanloch Turretan upon the north end, called ylen Kiback, a quarter myl long with wood. A myl from Turretan upon the north syd of the loch is a seat cald Kiback. The water of Turretan is 6 myl long cuming down from Glen-Turretan, whilk marcheth with Kean-loch-Ew, cuming down from Bra-Glen-Turretan and hath a fresch loch upon the head therof cald Loch Turretan

[Forrests in Ross Chluony upon the head of Glenmorisdan. Glass-Letyr Afarig, Monarr, Frie Chaillack or Nedd, Frie Rennach, Frie Water]

Upon the south syd of Gherloch, 3 myl from Kiback is Childaig, 3 myl thence upon the southsyd also of Gherloch is Achaglen. it is 3 myl from the salt water with a burne of 3 myl long cald Alt Achaglin. 3 myl thence hard on the sea of Gherloch is Achincoul. 3 myl thence Clachan-can-Gherloch, with a kirk. Heir at thir kirk Gherloch goeth up in the land 7 myl, cuming down out of Glen-Rorie, with dyvers seats upon it, it hath a loch at the head of a myl long cald Loch-Rorie with yland Loch Rorie in it. Thir Gherloch is 10 myl long, and 2 myl broad. Yland Rorie hath a good hous in it and is 5 myl up from the kirk. A myl from yland Rorie is Letery.

The lenght of Ros is 50 myl from Kyntail to Tervartness the breadth from the Stok-foord or northeast syd of the river Farrar parting it from the Bishoprick of Murray wherein the cowntrey of the Aird is, is 30 m. to Assyn marche, whiche is in the Bishoprick of Catnes.     Continued