Lockharts of Lee Estate mapping, 1770s-1950s

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The maps below form part of the Maps and plans from the papers of the family Lockhart of Lee and Carnwath. As many of the maps are fragile, or are large rolled maps, only the maps listed below have so far been scanned (December 2020).

The wider Papers of the family of Lockhart of Lee and Carnwath were presented to the Library between 1967 and 1978, by S F Macdonald Lockhart of Lee and Carnwath. The Lockharts held the barony of Lee in Lanarkshire from the 14th century at least, but apart from a few charters this collection dates from the 17th to the early 20th century. The direct line of lairds of Lee, from Sir James, Lord Justice Clerk, and Sir William, Cromwell's ambassador, died out in 1777. Lee then came into the possession of the descendants of Sir James's younger son, Sir George Lockhart, Lord President, who had acquired large holdings of land consolidated into the baronies of Carnwath and Dryden: firstly General James Lockhart, Count of the Holy Roman Empire, whose son died without issue in 1802, and secondly Sir Alexander Macdonald Lockhart, 1st Baronet. With the death without issue of Sir Simon, 5th Baronet, in 1919, the estates passed to a cousin, S F Macdonald Lockhart.

Our Manuscripts Department hold the main corpus of written material relating to Lockharts of Lee Estates. These provide fuller information and essential context to understanding the maps available on this website.

The Lockharts of Lee Estate maps can be searched for on these pages:

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ShelfmarkTitle    Date    
MS.27639Plan of part of the barony of Carnwath, including Libberton and Millridge: 1771.1771
MS.27641Plan of the barony of Walston (Walstone): 1770.1770
MS.27643(not yet scanned) - Plan of Strawfrank (Strathfrank): 1809.1797
MS.27644Plan of the estate of Newholm: 1819.1819
MS.27645(not yet scanned) - Plan of the lands of Newbigging: 1821.1797
MS.27647Plan and section of part of the River South Medwin, between Walstonmill and Newholm, and the adjoining bogs under drainage, showing the proposed cut and principal drains: 1829.1829
MS.27649(not yet scanned) - Plan of Corbiehall Farm: 1809.1797
MS.27650Plan of the lands of Westhall and Hills of Dunsyre: 1848.1848
MS.27651(not yet scanned) - Plan (2 copies) of the lands of Dryden: 1837.1828
MS.27652(not yet scanned) - Plan of the lands and barony of Covington: 1849.1828
MS.27653(not yet scanned) - Plan of part of the boundaries of Calla (Caldlaw) Farm, showing where the boundaries disagree with those shown on James Stevenson's plan of part of the barony of Carnwath in 1770: 1852.1828
MS.27654(not yet scanned) - Plan of the farms of Moat and Ploverhall: 1847, based on plan of 1831.1831, 1847
MS.27655Plan of Headsmuir limestone workings: 1847.1847
MS.27656Plan of Headsmuir lime works: 1851.1851
MS.27657Plan of Headsmuir open cast ironstone working: 1851.1851
MS.27658Plan of the farm of Westside of Nemphlar: 1860.1860
MS.27659Plan of Wester Walston: 1859.1859
MS.27660(not yet scanned) - Plan of South Tarbrax: 1859.1859
MS.27661(not yet scanned) - Plan of Walston Mansion: 1859.1859
MS.27662(not yet scanned) - Plan of Shodshill Farm: 1859.1859
MS.27663(not yet scanned) - Plan of Hillhead: 1859.1859
MS.27664Plan of Covington Mill: 1859.1859
MS.27665(not yet scanned) - Plan of Covington Mains: 1859.1859
MS.27666(not yet scanned) - Plan of Dykefoot: 1859.1859
MS.27667(not yet scanned) - Plan of the farm of Newbigging Mill: 1818.1797
MS.27668Plan of the lands of Park and Burnhouse: 1835.1835
MS.27669Plan of the River South Medwin from Garvald House to Newholm Bridge: 1859.1859
MS.27672(not yet scanned) - Plan of Headsmuir mineral workings: 1847.1828
MS.27673Plan of the Fulwood lime work: 1851, corrected to 1854.1851, 1854
MS.27676Plan showing proposed march fence and excambion between the farms of Greens and Weston: 1853.1853
MS.27677(not yet scanned) - Plan of roads at Ladywell, showing the course of the stream from the well: 1863.1859
MS.27678Plan of Butterhole, Headsmuir and part of Burnhead, in the estate of Lee: [ca.1860].[ca.1860]
MS.27679(not yet scanned) - Plan of part of the River Clyde at Hillhead and section of proposed embankment: 1851.1828
MS.27680Plan of plantation on Carnwath Estate, destroyed by fire; [late 19th century].[late 19th century]
MS.27681Plan of Mr George Bryce's feu on the Main Street of Roslin: 1874.1874
MS.27682(not yet scanned) - Plan of Mr McGeghan's feu near Roslin: 1874.1859
MS.27683(not yet scanned) - OS 1/2500 plan, marked to show wood burned at Lochknowes in the Lee Estate: 1864.1859
MS.27684Tracing plan of the lands and barony of Covington: 1849.1849
MS.27687(not yet scanned) - Plan of Birkenhead and part of Fulwood and Castlehill Farms, in the estate of Lee: [ca.1860].[ca.1860]
MS.27693(not yet scanned) - Sectional plan of main drain at Lee Castle policy: 18581828
MS.27695(not yet scanned) - Plan of existing and proposed water supply from Woodhouselee to Gowkley Moss: 1895.1887
MS.27696Plan and section of Gowkley Moss Water Supply: 1899.1899
MS.27697Plan of water arrangements on the farm of Gowkley [Moss]: [ca.1899].[ca.1899]
MS.27698Sectional plan of proposed drains on Gowkley Moss Farm: [ca.1899].[ca.1899]
MS.27699Sectional plan of details of various apparatus at Carnwath Gas Works: [late 19th century].[late 19th century]
MS.27700(not yet scanned) - Architectural plan, section and elevation of a pair of two-storey cottages, proposed by the Association for Promoting Improvement in the Dwellings & Domestic Condition of Agricultural Labourers in Scotland: [mid 19th century].[mid 19th century]
MS.27701(not yet scanned) - Architectural plan, elevation and section of proposed alterations to farm buildings at Shodshill or Muirhouse: 1888.1887
MS.27702(not yet scanned) - Architectural plan and elevation of byre etc at Birkenhead Farm: 1889.1887
MS.27703, a(not yet scanned) - Architectural plan and elevation of proposed alterations at Birkenhead Farm: [ca.1889].[ca.1889]
MS.27703, b(not yet scanned) - Architectural plan and elevation of proposed alterations at Birkenhead Farm: [ca.1889].[ca.1889]
MS.27704(not yet scanned) - Architectural plan, elevation and section of alterations to dwelling house at Butterhole: [late 19th century].[late 19th century]
MS.27705(not yet scanned) - Architectural plan and elevation of proposed cattle courts and turnip shed at Weston Farm [19th century].[19th century]
MS.27706(not yet scanned) - Architectural plan of Carnwath House: 1915.1887
MS.27707(not yet scanned) - Carnwath Estate. Arable Portion of Weston Farm.1859
MS.27708, aBieldside. (a) Semi-detached cottages. Plans and elevations. (b) Elevation and section.late 19th century
MS.27709South Moat, Roslin. Plans, elevation, sections.ca. 1903
MS.27710Yardhouses, Wayshed etc. Plan, elevation, sections.14 June 1886
MS.27711Broomhouses, Cottages. Plan, elevations and section.30 Jan 1874
MS.27712(not yet scanned) - Libberton Mains. Proposed alterations and repairs on Farm Buildings.March 1854
MS.27713(not yet scanned) - Libberton Mains. Proposed alterations and repairs on Farm Buildings.March 1854
MS.27714(not yet scanned) - Libberton Mains. Proposed alteration on steading. Plan and elevation.ca. 1852
MS.27715(not yet scanned) - Libberton Mains. Proposed alteration on steading.1828
MS.27716, a(not yet scanned) - Libberton Mains. Plan and section of dwelling house and steading.1887
MS.27717Arthurshields. Plan of steading. Plans, elevation and section of steading and house.
MS.27718Carnwath Gasworks. Plan and sections of RetortBench No.3 Elevation and sections.3 July 1857
MS.27719(not yet scanned) - Carnwath Gasworks. General plan and sections etc of Proposed Gasworks for Carnwath, No.2 plan, sectiona and elevation. Section of Purifier House and Retort House and elevation of condenser.n.d. (1857)
MS.27720Purifiers Carnwath Gasworks
MS.27721Carnwath Gasworks. Plan and sections of condenser and purifiers etc. No.4.n.d. (1857)
MS.27722Carnwath Gasworks. Plans and sections of gasholder. No.7.n.d. (1857)
MS.27723The Bank. Plan of proposed stable, Gighouse and Gamehouse. Plan, elevations and section.12 March 1890
MS.27724(not yet scanned) - Carnwath. Gamekeepers cottage etc. Plans, elevations and sections.January 1884
MS.27725Covington Mill. Addition. Plan and sections.
MS.27726Oatslie. New Barn etc. Plans, elevation and section.6 August 1862
MS.27727Walston Braehead, Carnwath Estate. Plan of alterations and repairs. Plan, elevation and section.June 1893
MS.27728Calla Bank. Brick Cottages. No.3. Plans, section and elevations.1881
MS.27729, a(not yet scanned) - Motherwell Waterworks. Improvement of roads at The Upper End of the Resevoir.June 1876
MS.27729, bMotherwell Waterworks. Plan of Pipe track thro' the Property of Sir Simon Lockhart, Bart.8 June 1876
MS.27729, cMotherwell Waterworks. Section of Pipe track thro' the Property of Sir Simon Lockhart, Bart.8 June 1876
MS.27730(not yet scanned) - Quothquan Mill. Plans, elevations and section of farm steading.########
MS.27731(not yet scanned) - Westshield. Farm and steading. Plans, elevations and sections.June 1884
MS.27732, aNewholm House, Dunsyre. Addition and alterations. Plans and elevations.late 19th century?
MS.27732, bNewholm House, Dunsyre. Addition. Elevation of West gable.late 19th century?
MS.27733Newholm proposed Room for Mrs Watson18th March 1886
MS.27734Westfield Farm and Steading. Proposed addition and repairs. Plan and sections.25 March 1890
MS.27735, aWestfield (of Newholm). Mixed byre. Plan, elevation and section.late 19th century?
MS.27736Steading (Unidentified). Plan and elevation.21 July 1884
MS.27737West Mains Farm, Newbigging. Ploughmans Cottages. Plan, elevations and sections.15 May 1889
MS.27738West Mains Farm, Newbigging. Workmens' Cottages. Plan, elevations and section.
MS.27739, aWest Walston. Loose house for cattle to be restored.2 Nov 1887
MS.27739, bWest Walston. Cottage. Plan, elevations, section.18 March 1886
MS.27740, aMeadow Farm. Ground plan of building.8 May 1897
MS.27740, bMeadow Farm. Dwelling House. Plan, elevation and sections.1897 (?)
MS.27741Easthills Farm, Dunsyre. Proposed Pighouse. Plan, elevation and sections.22 April 1887
MS.27742House and Byres18th February 1891
MS.27744, aEasthills Farm. Proposed alterations, repairs etc. Plans, elevations and sections.3 May 1886
MS.27744, bEasthills Farm. Stable. Plans, elevation and section.late 19th century
MS.27744, cDrawing of hayshed couple.
MS.27745,(not yet scanned) - Easthills Farm. Hay shed. Elevation & section.late 19th century?
MS.27746Unidentified Steading. Elevation & section.late 19th century
MS.27747Lee Mineral Fields. Plan of borings. Section of bores and pits.1854
MS.27748, a(not yet scanned) - Dunsyre Mains. Pighouses. Plan and elevation.1859
MS.27749Dunsyre Mains. Hayshed. Plan, elevation and section.1892
MS.27750Lockhart Mill. Proposed alterations on byre and offices.late 19th century
MS.27751The Lee. Pighouse and dung shed. Plan, elevations and section.1884
MS.27752The Lee. Plan of proposed stable.ca. 1900
MS.27753(not yet scanned) - The Lee. Sketch plan of drains.ca. 1900?
MS.27754The Lee. Proposed stables. Plan and elevation.n.d.
MS.27757(not yet scanned) - The Lee. Drainage plan.n.d.
MS.27758Hill of Kilcadzow. Hayshed and dung pit. Plan, elevation and section.1877
MS.27759(not yet scanned) - Hill of Kilcadzow. Plan and elevation.1859
MS.27760(not yet scanned) - Craigenhill Lime Works. Plan.1859
MS.27761Newholm House. Ground plan of stables.paper dated 1904
MS.27762(not yet scanned) - Lampits Farm. Steading. Plans.June 1854
MS.27763(not yet scanned) - Lampits Farm. Elevations.June 1854
MS.27764(not yet scanned) - Lampits Farm. Plans.June 1854
MS.27765Muirhouse Farm. Plan of Cattle court etc. Plan, elevation and sections.1886
MS.27766Muirhouse Farm. Plan of alterations on farm buildings.late 19th century
MS.27767Dryden Estate. Plan of ground to be feued to Mr Thomas Glover.ca. 1893
MS.27768Dryden Estate. Plan of ground to be feued to Mr Glover with John Wright's feu altered.1894
MS.27769Roslin feus, Dryden Estate. Proposed back road.1890
MS.27770Roslin feus, Dryden Estate. Plan of ground feued to Thomas Reid.1889
MS.27771(not yet scanned) - Croft on Righ Farm. Plan of proposed additions and alterations to house and steading. Plan and sections.1887
MS.27772Fullwood Farm. Proposed alterations. Plan, elevation and section.ca. 1900
MS.27773Nemphlar (Gilfillon's). Plan, elevation and section.ca. 1900
MS.27774Spittal Farm. Proposed alts. and adds. to dwelling house. Plans, elevations and section.1888
MS.27775Spittal. Braconhill Bridge. Section. Note of material acquired.19th century
MS.27776Quothquan Mill House. Plans, elevation and section showing alterations.19th century
MS.27777Quothquan Mill House. Plans of existing house.1913
MS.27778Quothquan Mill House showing proposed additions. Plans, elevations, section.1913
MS.27779Burnhouse, Carnwath. Ploughman's cottage and stables. Plans, elevation and section.1887
MS.27780Burnhouse Byre. Plan.late 19th century
MS.27781Burnhouse. Plan of dwelling house. Plans, elevation and section.1887
MS.27782Burnhouse. Proposed tail race for water wheel. Longitudinal section.3 Aug 1853
MS.27783Carnwath Old Jail. Alterations. Mr Lind, tenant.3 Nov 1874
MS.27784Easton Farm. Plan of Hayshed etc. Plans, elevations and section.1890
MS.27785Westhall Farm. Plan of additions, alterations and repairs. Plans, elevations, sections.May 1886
MS.27786Hillhead Farm, Covington. Proposed phoughman's cottages. Plan, elevations and sections.1887
MS.27787Covington Mains. Dwelling house. Alts. Plans, elevation and section.late 19th century
MS.27788(not yet scanned) - Covington Mains Farm. Proposed alts. and adds.1887
MS.27789Newbiggin Mill. Dwellinghouse. Plans, elevation and section.1892
MS.27790Newbiggin Mill. Steading. Plan showing alts.1890s
MS.27791Bankhead Farm. Plan of proposed alterations to steading. Plan ,elevations and section.1890
MS.27792(not yet scanned) - Bankhead Cottage [should read Bank Farm Cottage]. Plan, elevations and section.1859
MS.27793(not yet scanned) - Park Farm, Carnwath. Plans, elevations and sections of steading.1859
MS.27794(not yet scanned) - Park Farm, Carnwath. Plan of steading.1859
MS.27795(not yet scanned) - Shodshill or Muirhouse. Proposed add to dwelling house. Plan, elevatoins and sections.1887
MS.27796(not yet scanned) - West Nemphlar. Steading. Plans, elevation and section.late 19th century
MS.27797Westside of Nemphlar. Proposed adds and alts to dwelling house. Plans, elevations and section.1889
MS.27798Unidentified steading. Plan, elevation and sections showing add.
MS.27799Greentowers Farm. Proposed stable and bothy shed. Plan, elevation and section.1889
MS.27800Greentowers Farm. Proposed byre. Plan and section.3 Feb 1897
MS.27801Greentowers Farm. Ploughman's Cottage. Plan, elevations and section.1890
MS.27802Newbigging Crofts. Plan of lands.late 19th century
MS.27803(not yet scanned) - Burnhead, Carluke. Add to cottage. Plans, elevation and section.1887
MS.27804Cartland, Lanark. Alterations. Ground floor plan.1 Sep 1890
MS.27805(not yet scanned) - Cartland, Lanark. Alterations. Upper floor plan.September 1890
MS.27806(not yet scanned) - Westhills. Alts. to form a cottage for farm of Easthills. Plan, elevations and section.1859
MS.27807(not yet scanned) - Fullwoodhill. Limestone workings. Plan.late 19th century
MS.27808, 16(not yet scanned) - Coltness Iron Works/4 of 161869-1905
MS.27808, 16(not yet scanned) - Coltness Iron Works/6 of 161869-1905
MS.27808, 16[Burngrange, Firpark and Weston]1869-1905
MS.27808, 16Plan of Feus at back of Main Street, Carnwath, & at Bankhead Road1897
MS.27808, 16[Todholes and Wester Todholes]1869-1905
MS.27808, 16[Todholes]1869-1905
MS.27808, 16[Newsteadings]1869-1905
MS.27808, 16Nemphlar1869-1905
MS.27808, 16Liberton1869-1905
MS.27808, 16Liberton Moor1869-1905
MS.27809(not yet scanned) - Dunsyre Mains. Plan of proposed additions and alterations to dwelling house and steading.March 1898
MS.27810(not yet scanned) - Plan of the Barony of Covington Belonging to General James Lockhart of Carnwath.1767
MS.27811Plan of East and West Hills and West Hall, Lying in the Parish of Dunsyre and Shire of Lanerk, belonging to Laurence Brown of Edmonston Esq.1771
MS.27812Town acres of Carnwath. 1818.1818
MS.27813Plan of Granaton, the property of Norman Lockhart Esqr.1822
MS.27814Plan of the Lands of Zuildshields [Yieldshiels]
MS.27815Plan of the lands of East Nemphlar sold by Thomas Gairdner Esq to Sir Norman Macdonald Lockhart?1838.1838
MS.27817(not yet scanned) - Plan of Part of the Lands of Nemphlar belonging to Sir Norman McD. Lockhart Bart.1828
MS.27818(not yet scanned) - Caledonian Raliway. Property belonging to Sir Norman Macdonald Lockhart Bart in the parish of Carnwath.1828
MS.27819(not yet scanned) - [River Clyde and land around Lampits and Eastfield.] Drawing no.11828
MS.27820(not yet scanned) - Plan of the River Clyde from the Sills to the Float Viaduct. Drawing no.1a1828
MS.27822(not yet scanned) - Cross Sections of the River Clyde.1828
MS.27823(not yet scanned) - [Sections of Caledonian Railway.]1828
MS.27824[Cross sections of River Clyde at Bagmuirs Embankment and Coblehaugh.]1848
MS.27825(not yet scanned) - [Sections of River Clyde and Railway around Float Viaduct.]1828
MS.27826(not yet scanned) - Cross Sections of Embankments [of River Clyde].[1848]
MS.27827Elevation of Caledonian Railway Bridge over the Clyde near Carnwath1848
MS.27828Caledonian Railway Bridge. Oblique Elevation taken at right angles with the direction of the river.1848
MS.27829(not yet scanned) - Caledonian Railway. Property belonging to Sir Norman Macdonald Lockhart Bart.
MS.27831Plan of the Lands of Mid-Nemphlar and Bullion in the parish of Lanark1856
MS.27832[Plan of lands around Walston Mansions, Wester Walston, Braehead Farm.]
MS.27836Plan of Over Quarter Estate. [O.S. 25" map]1864
MS.27837Plans of Farms of East & West Nemphlar. [O.S. 25" map]1875
MS.27838[O.S. 25" Lanarkshire sheet XXV.3 with annotation]1858
MS.27839[O.S. 6" Lanarkshire sheet XXXI with annotation]1858
MS.27839[O.S. 6" Lanarkshire sheet XXXI with annotation]1858
MS.27840[O.S. 6" Lanarkshire sheet XXV.SW with annotation]after 1898
MS.27841[O.S. 6" Lanarkshire sheet XX.NE with annotation]after 1898
MS.27842[O.S. 6" Lanarkshire sheets XXXVIII.SE and XXXIX.SW, joined, with annotation]after 1912 (1924?)
MS.27843[O.S. 25" Lanarkshire XX.10, 1910 edition, with pencil annotations]after 1911
MS.27844[O.S. 1:10560 map, sheet NS 84 NW, published 1958, with annotations]after 1958
MS.27844[O.S. 1:10560 map, sheet NS 84 NW, published 1958, with annotations]after 1958
MS.27845Production no. 6A. Northern and Southern areas part development plan. [Reproduced from O.S. 25" plan]
MS.27846Production no. 6B. Northern and Southern areas part development plan. [Reproduced from O.S. 25" plan]
MS.27847[O.S. 6" Edinburghshire sheet 12 with annotation showing proposed railways]after 1852