Earlstoun estate plans, 1769-1830

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A set of 34 plans relating to the Estate of Earltoun, in the parishes of Dalry and Kells, Kirkcudbrightshire. The earliest plans were surveyed by J. Gregg (1768-69), the majority by J. Lauder (1800), with some later plans by James Anderson (1815) and J. Stitt (1830). See also, the Plans of the Property of William Forbes Esq. of Callendar, 1800-1817 for later plans of some of these farms.

We are very grateful to the Dumfries Archival Mapping Project for scanning these maps.

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A Plan of the Lands of Earlstoun and Barskeoch belonging to John Newall Esq.1768
A Plan of the Enclosures of Earlstoun and Barskeoch beloning to James Newal Esq.1769
Plan of the Lands of Ardoch and of the Upper and Nether Barlaes belonging to William Rorison1769
Plan of the Lands of Arndarroch, Marskaig, Culmark etc. belonging to William Rorison1769
Ardoch and Brounridge1800
Backhill of Burnhead, and Garvories1800
Barskeoch Mains, Cavan, Greenloop and Waterside1800
Bridgemark, Garriard and Arndarroch1800
Burnhead, Duckiestoun Park and Ringreoch1800
Cairoch and Craiglour1800
Cornharrow and Little Corlae1800
Crombie Park, Barchoak and Hannastoun1800
Duckiestoun Hill and Largmore1800
Knocksheen and Over Barsceoch1800
Marskaig and Cairny Hill1800
Nether Barlae and Upper Barlae1800
New Mill and Culmark1800
Niess and Ballinnie1800
A Plan of Lochrainy1801
Auchrae & Polchaskie1815
Curlae & Blackcraig1815
Lorg & Altrye1815
Manwhill & Benbreck1815
Stronpatrick, Stronfreggan and Little Auchrae1815
Toddston & Mosscroft1815