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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

Distances in Carict and the adjacent shyrs, in Cuningham

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Pagination: 146v-147r

Transcription of text:

Craikstoun above former on the northsyd 1/4m Barloannachan 1m. up on the south syd
Duncanyeemar 1m. up N syd
Glenmure 1m. up N S
Dornel 1m. up N S
Kevil 1m. up S S
Cruik 1/2m. up S S
Dalblair ovir aganis Cruik
Glenmureshaw 2m. up ther is the head of the water. it is 4m. betuix the head of it and the head of the water of Ayr and 12m. fra the neerest part of Clyd whilk is Corres whilk is 2m. fra Lainrick
followeth the river Irwing 8m. fra Ayr, Irwin on the northsyd. ther is a bridge. heir endeth Kyle
first is Craig up 2m. N syd
Dreghorn 2m. up S syd
Achans 2m. up S syd
Craigiewallace 4m. up S syd
Ellerslie 2 myl up S syd
Capringtoun 2m. up S syd
Ricardtoun 2m. up S syd
Kilmarnock a toun 1 m. up ovir aganis Ricardtoun the river betuix
The Din above Kilmarnock 1m. N syd
Crafoordland 1 myl above din N S
Slos hard by above that former on the same syd
Rowallen 2m. up N syd
Dumisternock 2m. up N syd
Hanin just as far up on the south syd 2m. fra the water
[Kirk of] Gastoun 4m. above Dumisternok S syd
Barr hard by on that same syd
Sesnock hard by on that same syd
Gastoun 1m. above the kirk on the S syd
Lowdoun C. aganis Gastoun on the N syd 1m. up the water
Newmils toun kirk Castel 1m. above Gastoun N S
Bankhead 2myl up N syd
Braidlie 1m. up N syd
Lowdenhill is the head of thir river hard upon Clydsdail
Sesnok river falth in Irwing river on the south syd above the town of Irwing 8 myl at the place cald Sesnock
Above the place of Sesnok Carnel 4 myl W S
above it brig hous 4m. W S
nixt up Killoch 1m. that sam syd
nixt up Fowler 1m. N S
Achmannoch 2m. N S
Sesnock river ryseth as far up as Irwing river, 4m. is betuix the springs of thir two

in Cuningham
Garnok river 1m. fra Iwring
Kil river fra Garnok 3m.
Caf river runeth in Garnok 3m. above the sea

Eglintoun in Cuningham fra Irwing 2m. fra the sea a myl and 1/2
Kilwining fra Irwing 2m. and fra Eglintoun 1m. Short
Cuningham head fra Irwing 4m. East