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Kean-tell, Assyn

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Pagination: 121v-122r

Transcription of text:

The lenth of the cowntrey of Keantell from the west at the Castel Ilen Donen to the hils of Avarig (from whiche hils on the east syd therof run down the rivers of to the east sea and to Beaulie) is twell myles, the breadth betuix Glen-elcheg of Kean-tel at the north and Gleneig pertyning to Mack-loyd at the south, to wit betuix the seat of Achacharn in Glen-elg and the seat of Killewnan in Glen-elcheg or Glenelicht. Item from Cosaig a myl is Toldowy in Kean-tell upon the southsyd of Loch Dowich, a myl thence Rinaeg Beg, a myl thence Rinaeg-moir upon Avon Rinaeg falling out of Glen Rinaeg 8 myl long in Loch Dowich. Upon the southsyd 2 myl thence Achacharn upon Can-loch-Dowich. Item upon the south syd of Achacharn falleth in Canloch Dowich, avon Sell with a town called Innersell twa myl from Achacharn. Item a myl neerer castel Ilen Donen is Kildowich. Item inner Rinaeg is twa myl up in the glen above Kildowich upon the water of Rinaeg. Item a myl thence Kilrinaeg a myl above Kildowich in the Glen. Item Morroch a myl from Kildowich upon Can-loch-Dowich, a myl thence down upon Loch dowich another Kilrinaeg, a myl thence Auchaquhill, a myl thence Coul-choullie a myl thence Castel-Ilen-Donen.

[Mem. The coast of Scotland boweth ever inward to the south southeast fra Row na Ra at the north cheek of Gerloch, whill we cum to Chewles Rae in the narrow firth betuix the yle of Sky and the main be south west ylen-Downan]

Kintail a fair and sweet cowntrey watered with dyvers rivers covered with strait glenish woods. it is 18 myl long and more. it hath these rivers, Avon luong 8 myl long and fals in Kean-loch luong, which salt Loch is thrie myl long, seated upon the north syd of that goodlie strait of sea wher Castel Ilen Donnen standeth neer Avon Elcheg fals in the head of thir loch luong being nine myl long, having sum freshe lochs, prettie wood and shealings marching with the hiyht of the forrest of Glasletyr. Loch Dowich a salt loch, ovir aganis Cast. Ilen Donnen, is four myl long and strait at the entrie in the sea. Upon it is the kirk of Kil-Dowich, in it fal the smal rivers Connueg and Lyeck who joynd in one are cald Avon Chro. About a myl from that, fals in the said loch Avon Sheil, 13 myl long, out of the freshe Loch Sheil, marching with the head of the forrest of Chluony, cald Maim Chluony, heir on the east nordeast syd of Avon Sheill ar dyvers hie mowntayns, but Skor-na-Morroch and above al and ovirtopping al is Skor-Roura. Upon thir river of Shiel also is a fair hollyn wood cald Letyr Choulynn, the castel of ylen Donnen is composd of a strong and fair dungeon upon a rock with another tower compasd with a fair barmkin wall with orchards and trees al within ane yland of the lenth of twa pair of butts almost rownd, it is sayd that of old that castel consisted of seaven tours.

Assyn is twell myl long and 18 myl broad, upon the north a salt loch, is march betuix it and Edera-Chewlis, upon the north east is Stranavern and Bra-chat, upon the west the sea, and upon the south Coygach.

The cowntrey of Assyn is devyded in four portions to witt Slesse- Chewles upon Chewles-gung. Etyr-a-vyisk reaching from the river of Tralligyr to the river Chircag, parting Assyn from Coygach. the third is Row- Stoir, running in the sea ovir aganis the Lewes, the fourt is Bra-Assyn.

Loch Assyn is 15 myl long.

[Coygach is 10 myl long and 7 myl broad. 12 myl from Langel in Coygach to Amad na Gouillyin in Stra-okall]

Avon Glenduy is 5 myll long, and falleth in Loch Assyn at Achanaheglis,

Avon Stronchrowbie of 4 or 5 myl lenth, cumeth out of Loch Letyra, which hath a smal yle in it. it falleth in Trallygyr river midway betuix Loch Burrowlan, and Loch Assyn at the northsyd of the said river, and at the seat cald Stronchrowby.