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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

In the Lennox upon Loch Lomund syd

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Pagination: 116v-117r

Transcription of text:

In the Lennox upon Loch Lomund syd

Errochon moir and beg. a myl thence Caschill with orchards and a fyne glen and burne hard by Hard by it is Arduylick, 2 myl therfra Sella-chory with fair wood, a myl therfra is Ros standing in upon the loch upon a poynt of land.

Half a myl thence Luirg. A myl thence Sellach-vin, Blairlochy a myl thence, Kaille-moir with a burn 2 myl thence hard by Rowisnach with the burn of Douchory hard betuix the Loch and Meal Ptermochan, 3 myl thence Knockeyilt. 3 myl thence Rowchoishe, a myl thence Stuk-roy a myl and a half thence Clachwy hard by Innersnayd. 3 myl thence and fornent Ylen-ow, Powil- chrow, 3 myl hence Dowin.

2 myl from Dowin and ane above the mouth of the river Saill is Binglass.
3 myl above that is Chuletyr.