Ordnance Survey / German Army, Fliegerausgabe Grossbritannien 1:250 000 : Schottland, 1939-40

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This is a set of Ordnance Survey Quarter-Inch to the mile maps, captured by the Germans and reprinted in 1939-40, as part of their Second World War intelligence preparations. There was no revision of topographic detail, but the sheets were metricated, enlarged from 1:253,440 to 1:250,000, with updated German titles, marginalia and legends. The series was primarily intended for aeronautical purposes. The original maps at quarter inch to the mile (1:253,440) were reduced from larger-scale mapping at the half-inch and one-inch to the mile scales, primarily dating from the third national revision of 1912-1923. These maps are held at: Map.Area.C18(66).

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Sheet Number and Name    Date of Publication    
Sheet 1 - The Borderca. 1940
Sheet 3 - Forth, Clyde, and Tayca. 1940
Sheet 3 - Forth, Clyde, and Tayca. 1940
Sheet 4 - Glasgow und mittlerer Westenca. 1940
Sheet 5 - Ostliches Hochlandca. 1940
Sheet 7 - Nord Schottlandca. 1940