Ordnance Survey - Quarter Inch to the Mile Maps of England, Scotland and Wales
4th Edition (Coloured), 1934-39

Ordnance Survey, Quarter Inch to the Mile, 4th Edition (Coloured), 1935-37 graphic

These maps at quarter inch to the mile (1:253,440) were reduced from larger-scale mapping at the half-inch and one-inch to the mile scales. These maps were substantially revised and updated from the third edition maps, particularly with new road and railway information. Their larger sheet size, allowed all of England and Wales to be covered in 12 sheets, and all of Scotland to be covered in nine sheets. These maps were printed with 8 colour plates, allowing an attractive range of layer colours to be applied to show relief. The quarter-inch to the mile series provides an overview of significant landscape features, including larger settlements, railways, and roads, and were also of value for air navigation, with the location of aerodromes also shown. These maps are held at: Map.Area.C18(64A) for Scotland, and Map.Area.C17(66) for England and Wales.

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England and Wales

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Sheet    Revision details    Date of Printing   
Sheet 1 - The Border1935
Sheet 2 - North Central1935
Sheet 3 - England, North East1935
Sheet 4 - North Wales & Manchester1935
Sheet 6 - North Midlands and Lincolnshire1935
Sheet 7 - South Wales1939
Sheet 7 - South Wales1934
Sheet 8 - Midlands1939
Sheet 8 - Midlands1935
Sheet 9 - East Anglia1938
Sheet 9 - East Anglia1935
Sheet 10 - England, South West1938
Sheet 10 - England, South West1935
Sheet 11 - England, SouthMinor Corrections: 1934. Ministry of Transport Road Classification corrected to 19341934
Sheet 12 - England, South East & London1935


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Sheet Number and Name    Date of Publication    
Sheet 1 - The Border1935
Sheet 2 - Scotland, South Westca. 1936
Sheet 3 - The Forth, Clyde, and Tayca. 1936
Sheet 4 - Glasgow and the Middle Westca. 1936
Sheet 5 - The Eastern Highlandsca. 1936
Sheet 6 - Skye and the Outer Hebridesca. 1936
Sheet 7 - Scotland, Northca. 1935
Sheet 8 and 9 - The Orkney Islands and The Shetland Islandsca. 1937