Family Portrait: the Scots-Italians 1890-1940

A map showing where Italians lived or worked in Scotland during the 1930s.

Family Portrait: the Scots-Italians 1890-1940 graphic


Georeference hundreds of our Early Maps of Scotland.

Georeferencer Graphic

The Georeferencer application is a collaborative online project, where anyone with access to Internet can help with georeferencing of various historical maps from our collection.

Historic Maps API

A free to use seamless historic map of Great Britain from the 1920s-40s.

API Graphic

This seamless historic mapping API can be:

Historic Maps Subscription API

A set of detailed historic map layers for use in other websites by subscription.

API Graphic

The Subscription API layers provide:

Lesmahagow Place Names Database

A map-based interface to a detailed gazetteer of place names in the old parish of Lesmagahow

Lesmahagow Place Names Database

Thomas Pennant map tours viewer

A viewer showing the itineraries of Thomas Pennant and his Tours to Scotland, 1769 and 1772

Thomas Pennant map viewer

Scotland - Land Use viewer

A split-screen map viewer for comparing 1930s land use with 2015 land use

Scotland - Land Use viewer

Visualising Urban Geographies

A project that provides mapping tools for historians.

Visualising Urban Geographies Graphic

Visualising Urban Geographies combines geo-referenced maps with historical information: