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Name: Pont, Timothy, 1560?-1614?  
Title: [Eddrachilles; Northwest Sutherland; Loch Shin] - Pont 3 (front)  
Imprint: [ca. 1583-96]
Pagination: 1 manuscript map ; 41 x 28 cm.
Shelfmark: Adv.MS.70.2.9 (Pont 3)
Notes: This is the front of the manuscript called Pont 3. Two maps, known as Pont 3(1) and Pont 3(2), are on this side of the sheet. A third map, Pont 3(3) is on the back of it. Pont 3(1) shows the north-west coast of Scotland from Eddrachillis Bay in the south to Strath Shinary in the north. It includes an area as far inland as the west end of Loch Shin and the 2,393 foot high hill Sàbhal Beag. Pont 3(2) is a very small map easily separated from map Pont 3(1) because it is drawn at 90 degrees to it. The map shows the whole of Loch Syin (Loch Shin), which lies north west from the modern town of Lairg. Ben More Assynt, a 3273ft high mountain, is depicted in the top left corner.

Pont 3(1)
  • There are a number of errors in Pont's drawing of the area covered by Pont 3(1). For example, he has drawn Handa Island at the mouth of cheules gung (probably Loch a' háirn Bháin) whereas it should be located off the coast between Scourie Bay and Loch Luz-ford (Loch Laxford). Several other errors are described by Stone (1989).
  • Pont has written North in one margin of this map and West and East in the other margins. In fact, his North is approximately north-west, showing the map to have an error of orientation in the order of 75 degrees. It is probable that Pont did not visit personally all the areas shown on this map, and he possibly filled in the gaps with information gathered from local informants.
  • Pont has added several notes of interest, for example, Extreem Wilderness and Many Wolfs in this cu[n]try
  • In Loch Stack a note reads:
  • all
    heir ar black flies
    in this
    wood w[i]t[h]
    seene souking
    me[n]s blood
    not ...
    to ...
    as ...
  • There are several references to fishing, for example in cheules gung we find:
  • good tak
    of heri[n]g
    to the very
    head for shipps
  • In the centre of the map there is a note in French within a border. It may be tentatively transcribed as:
  • Tout Edderacheueles
    plus contractement
    p[er] un lieus
Pont 3(2)

  • This map lists a number of place-names and has several notes of interest, one of which reads:
  • Ite[m] the Laird of balnagau
    slayin be Maky at Ald
For both Pont 3(1) and Pont 3(2):
  • Pont maps 1 and 2 front overlap this area in the far east.
  • The following manuscript maps by Gordon include all or part of the area of Pont 3 front: 2, 3, 10, 11, 12A, 16, and 17. Of these, map 11 is the most directly relevant.
  • Two printed maps by Blaeu include this area: Extima Scotiae and Southerlandia.
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    View maps by Blaeu and Robert and James Gordon.
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