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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

Cowell - Knodeord; Knapdale/Cantyr/Lorne

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Transcription of text:

his water from the loch of his awne name unto Loch ness, the uthir is Tarf whiche running throch a glen cald Glentarf, from the east and falleth in Lochness to the northward.

Loch ness is 24 myles of lenth, and of broadth sumtyme a myl, sumtyme litle more, on the west and nordwest syd is Glen morisden, with sum towns therin, it is renowned for fare tale firr wood as good, if not better than any in Britane. it hath in it dyvous glennis and strathis, good for cattell, altho it be not very spacious. the river is cald Morisden whiche cumeth from sundrie freshe water small Lochis. therin is a small paroch Church ecalled Mullergheard.

Followeth Wrquhardenn upon that same syd of the loch, and more to the North, fertill in cornis and pasture, the cornis nearest the loch, the pastur in the hie parts cald the brae of Wrquhoden, or rather Wrquhattin, in the mids of the cowntrey is a freshe water loch, sending a small stream in the Loch called there is a small churche in this cowntrey cald Kil-saint-Ninian, wherwnto dyvers used to resort for health, a spring being renowned near the said churche. from Wrquhattin to Invernes ar twell myles, whereof the loch taketh up large eight.

Invernes wes the greatest shyr in all Scotland before of late that Cathnes and Suderland wer made shyres be them selvis, for it conteyned Lochabyr and all north from it, upon the west sea, and upon the uthir syd whatsoever wes be west the Shyr of Narne, onlie Cromartie and a small parcell of grownd about had jurisdiction be it self.

Strath-harrigag or Errigig is next to Abirtarf upon the east and southeast syd of Loch-ness. it is reconed be sum the hiest cowntrey in Scotland, yet that tale seemeth to be more truelie applyed to the brae of Badenoch betuix it and Athol. the rivers of this cowntrey are wnwhulsum, reddish water running throw mossis, and low foul grownds. thir cowntrey is not very fertill, and a Ledge of hills run betuix it and Lochness so that the best part of it is upon rivers of it awne. for Churches ther ar in Abirtarf the Church of Kilwhimen, and in thir cowntrey Bolleskie, it hath a forrest upon the southeast syd, whair ar stoar of deer and roe.

[Mem in Badenoch the kirk of Lagan-kenich, the kirk of Kenzeossich commonlie Kingussie and the kirk of Eallavie commonlie Skeiralloway.]

Mem for Knodeord Knodeord is very rough, full of mowntayns and glennis with divers smal rivers therin, with plentie of salmond fishe. Sum of the lands therof ly south, sum parts west and sum to the north, ovir aganis Glen-Elg, the part that look to Loch Nevesh is rough, being the southsyd of the cowntrey. the middest therof looketh west ovir aganis Sleit in the Skie. thir is the playnest and best part of the cowntrey, the north syd is very rough, whair plentie of salmon and herring ar taken in the loch called Loch-huirne and in sum smal rivers at the syd of the loch, and in the river of Glen-Baristill, and another river at the head of the loch, ther be great stoar of deer and roe in Knodeord.

Glen-Elge lyeth ovir aganis Knodeord, north from it, and looking west to the sea, and the Ile of Skie, devyded therfrom be a small arme of the sea. the bay which runneth up from the sea far east ward devyding it from Knodeord is called Loch huirne, it doth perteyne to Mac-Loyd of Harray, it is fertill in Cornelands, having two pleasant straths of corneland, pasture, and abowndance of salmon in the two rivers of thois strathis. Ther is one Churche in thir cowntrey called Kill-chuimen. A passage or ferry be sea ther is ovir to Slait in Skie, whair abowndance of fishe is taken, it is cald Keil-raa. thir cowntrey marcheth with Kintail. it is of the Diocess of Argyle and Sherifdom of Inverness. Upon the southsyd ovir aganis Knodeord, ther is a smal village and a smal river running throw the same to the sea, wherin if a tree be cassin al above the water will remayne as befor, what lyeth in the water therof will becume stone. the toun is called Arnistil in Glen-Elgg.

Memorandum for Knapdail, Cantyre & Lorne Upon the west syd of Knapdail is a castell cald Kilberry, it hath to it a paroch church From the Terbart upon the west syd of Kyntyre, ther is eight myles and as much upon the east syd perteyning of long tyme to the Earls of Argyl, ther were purchassed be them at the tyme of the forfaltour of Mack-Donald Lord of the Iles. Kilmayaille upon the west and the castell of Skeipnes upon the east, mak the marche the rest of Cantyr remayned to Mackoneill. Skeipnes was ane old dwelling of the Lords of the Iles, the place betuix the Terbats and Skeipnes is called Borlume, that is a playne land betuix two cowntreys. the lenth of Cantyre from the Terbarts to the mull is estimat 40 myles. Mr. Timothie exceedeth not 36 at most. the mull is cald be the old roman wryters Epidium promontorium. in sum parts nyn 8, 7, or 6 myles broad, the west syd generally is the better grownd, the north syd is rough and mountainous, full of hather and glennis, and fittest for pasture. Upon the east syd ar two glennis pleasant and profitable calld Glen-arindil, and Glen-saidill, throwh thois two run streams of water, in them salmon, and upon the syds plentie of good corne land, and woods upon the skirts. In Glensaidill is ane auntient monastarie, of the order of St Bernard, it was fownded above 300 years ago be Donald MackDonald Lord of the Iles and dedicat to the Virgin Marie, the Marquis of Hamiltown is superior therof. Eight myles from Saidill upon that same syd is the loch called Loch-Kilkearayne, two myle long and one of breadth of salt water, a saif harbour for ships, having in the mouth the Iland called Iland Davar. Upon the south syd of thir loch is a churche called Kilkearair and ane castell build be King James 4, at the end of the loch is a village and a castell build be the Earle Argyl, in thir loch ar plentie of herring and makerell. Thrie myles from the head of thir loch is a freshe loch of 4 myles of lenth and breadth, cald Loch-Sanish upon the west syd of thir cowntrey it is, low pleasant sandie grownd ane myle from the loch-head marchis the Maghair moir, ther is a glen cald Conglen, wher ar good fatt corne land, a river going throw it with plentie of salmond. Less then a myle fra Maghair moir, is ane old castel build upon a rock called Dunawardie at the foot of Conglen.