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Cowell (continued)

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Pagination: 83v-84r

Transcription of text:

Ther is a small freche water Loch wherin thir water doth runn betuix it and Lochfyne, it is not far from Inneraray.

Glenraray is a peece of good land being of length from the toun of Innerraray to the end therof sum four myles, and four uthir myles from the head of the said glen to the ferry of Loughow called Port-sonighan, whiche last four myles ar trowblesum to pas ovir the hills called Monich-leac-ganich when the weather is tempestuous and rough, for the montayns ar hie and steep.

Loch-aw is a freshe water Loch of 24 myles of length and one myl of breadth. one end therof lyeth southwest nixt to Glasrie and Ardskeodenes, the uthir end therof looketh to the nordeast and to Glenwrquhy, or sumquhat nordeast, it hath sum ylands, the principal is cald Inche-Traynich, another also with a church therin cald Inche-Ayle, ther is a castell on the southsyd of Loch-aAw called Inche-Chonill, pertyning to the earls of Argyll. Another castell ther is at the east end of the loch perteyning to the Laird of Glen-wrquhy cald Castell Cheil-choirne. At the east end of thir loch, on the north part therof, ther is a town wherin the Mack-Gregoirs sumtyme dwelt called Stroin-Miallachan in Glenstrae. ther is one church in Glen-wrquhy called Claghan Diseirt. the river Aw runneth out of the north part of the loch, and on the north syd therof and running down six or 7 myles endeth in the sea, it is a broad and deep stream with plentie of salmon as all the rest have, it falleth in the salt Loch cald Logh-Ediff. The south west end or head of the said Lochaw is at Ard-skeodeness and Glasrie. Ther is a castell in Ardskeodenes cald Carnasrie, built be Mr Jhon Carswell Bishop of Argyle, to the use of the Earls of Argyll, the church town is a myl from the castell and is cald Kilmartyn. At the East or Nord-east head of Loch-aw ther ar two glennis with a river running throw every ane of them, one of them is called Glen-wrquhay, plentifull in salmon and good land upon the brinks therof, it is sum twell myles of lenth, cuming from Loch-toylle, with a smal castell at the head of the loch. the othir glen is called Glen-Strae from the name of the river whiche runneth throwgh it, which latelie pertyned to Mac-Gregoir the cheef of that clane.

In Glasrie ther is a church on the southsyd of the sowthmost end of Loch-aw, it is cald Kil-Michaell. Glassrie is holdin of the Constabill of Dundee, the Laird of Achinbrek possesseth the same it lyeth betuix the westsyd of Loch-fyne and Gnapdaill, it is a peece of good and fertill land for cornis and pasturage. Ther is a river runneth betuix Glassrie and Ardskeodenes. And thir river is betuix Gnapdaill and Ard-skeodenes. Ther is a castell in Glassrie called Duntreoir,
and a loch on the west syd of Loch-fyne called Loch-gyrr, 15 myles from Inner-raray, wher many hering ar taken. Another loch ther is also 5 myles therfrom cald Loch-gailbe or Loch-gilb, both thir ar but bays and creeks of Loch-fyne.

Knapdale or Gnaptill followeth at the east syd therof ther is a Ledge of mowntayns sum eight myles of lenth called Slew-gail, wherof the inhabitants have opinion that ther groweth ane herb therin, whiche if so ony man trod upon, it bringeth hunger and fainting. ther hills ar betuix Loch Gilbe and Tarbat. Tarbet castell at the strait of Cantyre pertyneth to the Earls of Argyll. two bays meete nearhand ther, and streighten the land, bearing the name of Terbart lochs, the wholle breadth of the land being ther but a short myl, whiche joyneth Cantyre to the mainland. Betuix Cantyr and the Glinns in Irland the distance is sixteen myles, whair runneth a furious and dangerous tyd.

Ther is a litle cowntrey nixt to Ard-skeodenes upon the nord west syd therof called Craigness, divers small Ilands ar upon the coast of that cowntrey and one castell called also Craigness, it hath also one church near the sea cald Kilmore in Craigness.

Melverd is a smal cowntrey nixt unto Craigness.

After Melverd followeth Glen Eughir Looking toward the Lorne.

Lorne is twafold one part therof called nether Lorne pertyneth to the Laird of Rora. Upper Lorne perteyneth to Mack-Coull, wherin standeth the castell of Dun-olich or Dunolyff, a strong castell upon a rock hard be the sea.

Dunstaffnes or Dunstaffage perteyning to the Earls of Argyll, it is the principall caste1l of Lorne, very auncient, built of old be one of the kings called Eugenij or Ewans, it standeth upon a hie rock, not far from the sea. the distance is of 3 myles onlie betuix it and the castell of Dunoliff and uthir 3 myles betuix the ferry of Gonwell in Lorne and Dunstaffage. thir ferry or passage is rough and danngerous in passing. it is sayd the lordship of Lorne consisteth of 700 merk land devyded among sundrie possessors, the superioritie perteyneth to the Earles of Argyll