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Pont Maps of Scotland, ca. 1583-1614 - Pont texts

The back of the Ochels and Allon River, Seats upon the bounds betuix Ainrik Blayne and Forth rivers, Upon the south syd of Forth

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Pagination: 155v-156r


Some of these placenames and this area are shown on Gordon 51.

Transcription of text:

The back of the Ochels and Allon River
Half a myl from Kippen Ros is Drumnagon, half a myl thence Kippen Devy with the scouring burn
2 myl from Kippendevy is Lichill, and betuix them Barduss with a small loch.

Item a myl to Clashinga, and a myl thence hard upon Allon river is Kinbucks. a myl thence Grenbanks with a burne. Hard by is Bahady with a burn and a wood, a myl thence Quoyigs, a myl thence Onitsyd. 2 myl thence Rateirn with the burne

Tua myl thence up to the Ochel hils is Cockpla, it is within half a myl of Glenvye.
Hard upon Allon water agayn is Blewtoun, and a myl be east that is Buddergask with a burn 2 myl long.
A myl thence to the hillwards is Drumcars, a myl betuix easter and wester.
A myl above is Rahalrig and half a myl thence Achalig with the burne of Glenany with a hill above it called the Core.
It is betuix the Coir and green forret thrie myls cald Bargan Medow, Item Knokrallon, Knokhill, the wood of Keir, the kirk of Leckra.
Nixt is Cromligs, 2 m. be east ar thrie Kammez-Shyinies, and 2 myl thence thrie Fedels with a burn 4 m. long, with a smaller burn.
Item a myl thence Deans-keir with a burn.
Item there entreth Allon fornent Porer aganist the mil of Katerin the water of Knoick 6 myl long cuming out of Glenlikorn at the head of GlenAirtnay.
Item upon the west cheek of Glen-licorny is Kinbrachy. Item upon the nordeast cheek is Beny. Item Clachan Airdoch.

Seats upon the bounds betuix Ainrik Blayne and Forth rivers

Imprimis Cragy-vairn castell, with the burne Ald-wharr falling by it and entring in Ainrick, and thrie myl thence is the Burne of Balate running in Forth river. and upon the west syd of thir burne dwels the Baron of Achintroig cald Macklachan. Item Carchell. Item the abbot of Inch- Chaffrays hous. Item Balefoil

Half a myl thence the castel of Caer-denn. Item the place of Caerdros. Item be east half a myl Achamoir. Item Arn-gibbon.

2 m. eastward is Broich. Item the Kirk of Kippen and a myl and a half be east the kirk is Glen-Tyrren.

Item upon the uthir syd of the mouth of the burn of Buchan is the seat of Buchan, half a myl thence the Lacky, and upon the hicht above Lecky is Glen-turnovir

Upon the north syd of Forth ovir the coble is Wester Frew, a myl be north it is Easter-Frew, a quarter myl to the southwest is Kilmoir.

Heir is the river of Guydie with a bridge. Item easter and wester Balintons both stone slated housis
Item Poldyr be west that and be south

Item Coldoch, nixt is Balingrow and not far therfra the great moss cald the kings moss beginning a myl bewest Coldoch, and reaching east to Craig-orth.

Upon the south syd of Forth

Imprimis the burn of Achintraig. Item Garchel a myl thence. Item the burn of Drummond cuming down by chappel Larach, nixt is Gart-moir, nixt is Achintroig, 3 myl be east the former. Item up a Balefool or Balevouil 3 thence, a half myl thence Carsillan with a burn. a myl thence Kowdoun of Buchlyvie with a burn and a mill.

A myl and more eastward is Caerdenn. Item Arnpryour, and a myl be east Arn-gibbon and half a myl therfra Arnmannell, a myl therfra Arn-bog. Hard by is Arne-moir, a myl thence Airn-Finlay. Hard by is the Broich with a burn betuix.

Nixt that is Kippen. Item Gargannok. Item Touch, both theis of the name of Seaton.