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Pagination: 136v-137r

Transcription of text:


[This is wrytten out of Mr. Timo[t]hies papers and in thir manie things ar fals]

The length of this province is 24 myles, following the draught of Spay, lying almost west south west, and East nord East. It hath waist and hillie grownd round about upon al syds, except strathspey, whiche is nixt it down the river. it goeth southward to Atholl, at the mowntayn of the Minegeg and to Loch Spidell. Eastward the mowntayns of Scairsoch devyd it from Brae Marr, south westward is Lochabyr with mowntayns betuix, and northward is Stra Herin and Abirtarf, and the hight of Killyne in Strath- Harkeg.

At the lower end of it Crage-alaachie (or the devyding crage) is 24 myle fra Inverness. the head of Glen Toulnen is 18 myl fra Innerness.

The first seat in Badenoch and neerest Innerness is Dale-chaggin upon a branche of Tulnen river. Thir seat marcheth with Dale-na-gatnich in Strathspey. Upon the south syd of Tulnan river is a branche therof with a seat theron called Fea-vorrar or the Earls myre, it is 1/4 myl be west the last seat Dalenagatnich.

Hard by is the hie crage called Kareg-rank or the freuch craig. Be west that a quarter myl upon Tulnan is Ruy-wowdin. 1 myl thence Ruynich, and hard ovir aganis it upon the north syd of Tulnen is Daltan-Kreigach.

The head of the River Tulnan doth march with Killyn in Stra-Harkeg, six myle above Daltincreigach. Thir river Tulnen is 14 myle long, and endeth in Spey ovir aganis Abirnethie, at Innertulnan. it hath wood upon the six myl therof nixt to Strathspey. Ther ar 6 on 7 seats or dwellings upon it above Daltincreigach.

Six myles from Toulnan southwestward is Lhon-whowllig icr, half a myle thence Lhon-whollig ocr, hard upon Spay upon the nord westsyd therof. half a myle therfra is Dalraddy up from Spay northward. Half a myle thence upon the south syd of Spey Kinrara, whiche is esteemed the part of Spey neerest to the springs of Dee and betuix them upon 8 myles. Half a myle from Kinrara is Craig-Alvie a hie craige upon the northsyd of the river. Item Loch-Alvie a myle long with a smaller loch hard by called Dow-lochen, hard by upon the southeast syd of the forsaid craige wher the water of Kowonaeg falling in Dowlochen ,ther falleth in Loch-Alvie a burne called Alt-Raddaeg, ther falleth in that same loch also Alt-Chriachie or the marching-burne. The burne that falleth out of Loch Alvie to Spay is called Balgy.

Upon the south east syd of Loch Alvie standeth Gertnenachre. At the northfute of Craig-Alvie standeth Skeir-Alvie Kirk, betuix the twa lochis with in ane inche.

Above Dalraddich half a myl westward Dalfowir, hard by it is Petacheiring. Half a myle thence Petaurie, therfra half myl up Kinchraig. half myl above that Dounachtan Beg, al thir thrie former hard upon the northsyd of Spay.

Half a myl from the last is Dounachtan Moir, betuix thess twa Dounachtans is the burne Alt-a-whowling. Ovir aganis thir towns last spoken the river Spay disboggeth in a loch a myle long and more called Loch-enis.

Westward half a myle above Dunachtane hard upon the river is Rait Icre, a quarter myle therfra Rait-meanach with Alt Rait betuix them, and then a quarter myl furdir up is Rait ocre . A myle above that is Kingeusie Beg, a myl therfra Ard-vredach, a myle therfra Kingeusie Moir with a kirk and pryorie upon the east syde of the water of Goynack a smal river as it entereth in Spay, it falleth out of Loch Goynack a myl long, with ylen Loch Goynack besyd Kraig-Breack. Kingussie moir is upon the west syd of Goynack.

A quarter myle be west Kingussie is Pit-maen with excellent fyne medowis upon Spey, a quarter westward is Bale-chroan, half a myl above that a burne called Alt-Laurie with a dwelling called Strone. a quarter therfra Chluyn, a quarter therfra is Bennachar, heir is upon the west of Bennachar avon Kalladar falling in Spey out of Glen Kalladar.

Kraig-0w, a very hie and steep mowntayne is betuixt Spay and the syd of the said Glen-Bennachar. Hard by on the uthir syd of Kalladar is Bhealad-Moir, a quarter therfra Bhealad-Beg. a myle therfra Owy, a myl from that KIowonie with a smal glenn called Glen-clowonie.

A myl therfra hard upon the river is Gask. a myle therfra Pit-gawin with a burne upon the westsyd therof, a myl thence Gherr-Gask. A myl therfra Garvie icre, then half a thence Garvie ocre.

Upon the southwest syd of Spay is Laggan twa myle be west Garvie ocre, with a loch.