Ordnance Survey - Quarter Inch to the Mile Maps of Scotland
3rd edition (Outline), 1921-1924

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These maps at quarter inch to the mile (1:253,440) were reduced from larger-scale mapping at the half-inch and one-inch to the mile scales, primarily dating from the third national revision of 1912-1923. With some minor variations, each sheet covers 72 x 108 miles, with all of Scotland covered in ten sheets. This outline or uncoloured series had all topography and text printed in black, with water in blue. The quarter-inch to the mile series provides an overview of significant landscape features, including larger settlements, railways, and roads. These maps are held at: Map.Area.C18(63).

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Sheet Number and Name   Publication Date
Sheet 1 - The Border1923
Sheet 2 - Scotland, South West1924
Sheet 3 - The Forth & Tay1924
Sheet 4 - Glasgow, Oban, and the Southern Islands1923
Sheet 4 - Glasgow, Oban, and the Southern Islands1924
Sheet 5 - The Eastern Highlands1924
Sheet 6 - The Western Highlands (with Skye and the Southern Hebrides)1922
Sheet 7 - Scotland, North1924
Sheet 8 - The Northern Hebrides1924
Sheet 9 - The Orkney Islands1924
Sheet 10 - The Shetland Islands1924