Ordnance Survey - Quarter Inch to the Mile Maps of England, Scotland and Wales
2nd edition (Outline), 1908-1915

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These maps at quarter-inch to the mile (1:253,440) are the second edition of these uncoloured sheets by Ordnance Survey at this scale. Detail was drawn from larger-scale maps, comprehensively revised in the 1890s. The quarter-inch to the mile series provides an overview of significant landscape features, including larger settlements, railways, and roads. We only have 16 sheets out of 23 covering England and Wales, but only two sheets of this series, which covers Scotland in 17 sheets, numbered from north to south. These are held at Map.Area.C18(61A) for Scotland and Map.Area.C17(62) (standard series) and Map.Area.C17(63) (Large-sheet series) for England and Wales .

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England and Wales - standard series

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Sheet    Date of Publication   
Sheets 1 & 21908
Sheet 31909
Sheet 41909
Sheet 81909
Sheets 9 & 101910
Sheet 111911
Sheet 121912
Sheet 131912
Sheet 141913
Sheet 151912
Sheet 161911
Sheet 181911
Sheet 19 & 231910
Sheets 20 & 241909
Sheets 21 & 251911
Sheet 221913

England and Wales - Large Sheet series - Black Outline Edition

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Sheet    Revision details    Date of Printing   
Sheet 1ca. 1915
Sheet 21914
Sheet 31914
Sheet 4Railways: 1913. Minor Corrections: 19131913
Sheet 51913
Sheet 61913
Sheet 71913
Sheet 81913
Sheet 91913
Sheet 101912


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Sheet Number and Name    Revision details    Date of Revision     Date of Publication    
Sheet 13Second editionNo date on sheets1909
Sheet 14Second edition. Printed at the Ordnance Survey Office 1914No date on sheets1914