Plans of the south side of Barony of Sanquhar, 1766

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A set of 24 plans, bound into one volume, relating to the south side of the Barony of Sanquhar, Dumfries-shire. The maps were all surveyed by James Leslie (ca. 1758-1775). These maps and their accompanying tables of contents (with descriptions, acreages, etc.) are listed in the order they are in the volume below.

We are very grateful to the Dumfries Archival Mapping Project for scanning these maps.

Book of plans of the south side of Barony of Sanquhar, the property of the Duke of Queensberry (1766)

24 plans of farms relating to the parishes of Sanquhar and Kirkconnel, surveyed by James Leslie (ca. 1758-1775)

RHP 38137